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colombus day.

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We've never really celebrated it (school's not out in our town), but I don't vilify Columbus either.


I've presented the truth of his life (as much as we know; good & bad) and indicate that the reason he receives special attention is because it was his voyages that really mark the beginning of European exploration of the Western Hemisphere. We pretty much only talked about it when we were studying that time period in history.


I think we should change the day to Explorer's Day. LOL.


Then we could all celebrate whichever Explorer was our personal pc favorite. We could celebrate the American Indians for having been the first to discover the Western Hemisphere or maybe we particularly like Marco Polo. Or how about Hensen's exploration of the North Pole? The Vikings? Brenden the Navigator? We could go all the way back to Noah or the dispersion of peoples at the Tower of Babel. I’m sure they explored the surrounding territory.


Whatever, I’m pretty easy going about it. :D

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