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Please support this kid for the high school "Rudy" award!!

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This is from a close friend of mine. I was actually at their house last summer when this accident happened to Calob. He has a very inspiring story. Please get on the site and search for him and support him for his Rudy award!! Thanks for taking the time!


>>ello all!


A good friend of ours' son has been nominated for the first ever high school Rudy Award. His name is Calob Leindecker. For those of you that don't know about Rudy, his dream was to play football for Notre Dame. He was a walk on and never really got to play until the very last game of his college career. He was considered too small to play college football, but that did not stop him. He had the courage and the heart of a lion and he never gave up.


I am attaching the link so that you can read about the "Rudy Award" and about Calob. The reason Calob is so deserving of this award is because a little over a year ago he was helping out a friend that was stuck in the mud. Calob hooked the vehicle up to a truck and in a freak accident he ended up pinned between the two vehicles. He managed to jump up before the trucks collided but his left leg was pinned between the two and later had to be amputated just below the knee. That happend late in July of 2008. After the surgery to remove his leg Calob said that he would play football again by his senior year. In August of this year, about 14 months after the accident, he ran out onto the football field to hold the football for the extra point.


I could go on and on about his courage and determination through his many setbacks including being fitted for almost a dozen prostetic legs but I would rather you read about him on his nomination page.


Please go to http://www.highschoolrudyawards.com and search Calob Leindecker. If you think his story is inspirational and that he deserves the award click the "Calob inspires me" button on that page. His story is truly moving and I can't tell how many people I know that he has inspired to "take nothing for granted" which is his motto.


Thanks so much<<

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