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Skip Counting cds...what are your favorites?

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We loved The Skip Counting Zone from http://www.googolpower.com/store/type-online-digital-c-9_35.html It is downloadable :)


All my kids love this CD even when my youngest was 2 he used to demand to listen to Skip Counting in the car :lol: My 6 yr old has just finished the multiplication section in Singapore 1B and she flew through it all thanks to that CD

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our Classical Conversations skip counting songs--they are on each cycle's memory work audio CD which is relatively inexpensive considering you get memory work from 5 other subjects as well--they skip count cubes, squares, and #'s up to 15's.

http://www.classicalconversations.com or I bet you could find one used--cycle one, two or three will have the same skip counting songs. They were effective, the only issue was my son complained that they sounded a little too 'opera' ish. But--he still uses the songs daily, even in pre-algebra! He says there are certain things that are just easier for him with skip counting--I think when he's dividing or seeking GCFs. Mastering these has been one of the big 'payoffs' I see in our homeschooling.

I've heard great things about the Math-U-See skip count songs also--I think there is a normal version and then a 'chipmunk' style fast version.

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