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OK, Hive: Book Hunt

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ds8 is reading My America: Our Strange New Land. He just leaned over the side of his bunk to ask me, "Is there a book like this from the Native Americans' point of view? All I can think of offhand is Tapenum's Day, which we own, but that's not really a chapter book. He says he wants to really understand both sides. What book do I get for him?

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We haven't read this, but it looks good:

Saturnalia, by Paul Fleischman


I know this one is not exactly what you're looking for, but I wanted to recommend it. It's about Jamestown, and my son really liked it. We loaned it out to several other boys, and it was enjoyed by all. It's called "Blood on the River", by Elisa Carbone.


This site has a good summary/review of it:




My kids also read The Double Life of Pocahontas, Pocahontas and the strangers, and Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims, at some point during our studies.

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Hm, this is a toughie. Have you read any of the pre-Columbus books that are out there such as 1491 or A Voyage Long and Strange? There is also a kid version of 1491. I should point out that 1491 is surrounded by controversy. Right now, a whole lot of questions remain about the pre and post contact Americas. Whether you believe one view or the other has a big impact on how you see the European colonization of the Americas. Looking at it through different lenses can be interesting.


There is some pretty good information out there on the tribes in the Jamestown area:









But probably the real reason you don't find a narrative from the Native American point of view with regard to Jamestown is Pocahontas. She is probably the most famous of her tribe. Her myth and truth are probably no longer possible to separate. There are tons of books written about her, all with conflicting views.

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