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End of year testing...


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my church homeschool group ordered 2nd grade CAT-5 for my 8yod instead of 3rd grade. She's testing today at the church. The ladies were saying that it is just a state requirement and not to worry about the wrong level. But I want the right grade!!!! Wouldn't you!!!


I'm going to have to somehow get the 3rd grade test to test at home next week... Just want to know what you all would do in this situation???

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In my area when you notify the county you say what grade they would be in. So if stated my son was in the 3nd grade I would use the 3rd grade test.


If my son was working at a grade 3, but "officially" in grade 2, I would submit the second grade scores, and then use the grade 3 test for my own person use.

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