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  1. Nancy Drew Hardy Boys American Girl Books Cam Jansen Encyclopedia Brown Freddy the Pig Sweet Valley High Bobbsey Twins
  2. We used this the year (grade 8 with an accelerated student) we did Conceptual Physics. We used Paul's book with the ferris wheel with great success. I think there were about 3 chapters were there were no videos or support information that lined up with what we were doing but it was easily remedied with youtube videos on the same topic.
  3. We were very tickled to received a gold medal summa cum laude.
  4. Yes and no. A swimmer can change teams, and can compete. They will be considered unattached to their new team for 120 days from the last time they competed with their old team at a sanctioned meet. The transferred swimmer will just not be able to compete in relays or earn points for their new team at competitions were points are earned, but they can participate in individual events and earn individual points. (return to lurkdom).
  5. Over the years I have used your suggestions from when my kids were in first all the way up until high school. I am so very thankful for your words of wisdom and your simple (and effective) curriculum suggestions.
  6. I've only managed to follow one person's plans. And they weren't even plans just things that worked for her and her kids. LoriD has been my go to source for curriculum ideas for over a decade.
  7. Also sometimes you can catch a really good sale right now The Odyssey of Homer and Aeneid of Virgil are under $20 each for a audio download.
  8. Yes there are two versions of this book. Modern Speller, which combines grades into two volumes and Dictation Day by Day which brakes years up into separate books. We start using them in year two, after we finish Saxon Phonics.
  9. I just noticed that amazon sells instant videos to a selection of GC lectures. Has any one purchased them in the past? Are they same quality as the videos from the GC site?
  10. Story of the World WWS LoF- we only did Fractions when it first came out and my child begged me to drop it. This child has never made the request. Just did not like the story. Real Science for Kids All the different Trail Guides We attempted to use MM, just could not make it happen Latin for Children
  11. We used Saxon Phonics through Grade 2, and I credit it for giving my child a solid foundation in phonics and spelling. I enjoyed it so much, I wish I could other curriculum written like it that created such results. The vintage book Composition book by grades, Wheeler's Speller and Dictation by Day Prufrock Logic books (I find these to be a better value than others on the market)
  12. I really don't think the information is out there. I've been looking for a friend and just can't find a neutral/non-homeschooling resource site.
  13. Months later and I think I need to update a few things. English & History Pandia's Ancient History Level 3, along with some lectures from Great Courses, extra readings from Bedford Analogy and Warriner's English for some composition theory. Science- Using Biology Corner along with the Dragonfly book and extra labs Math- AoPs Intro to Geometry Latin- Jenney Latin Second Year Language- Japanese Electives- Speech and Logic
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