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Homeschool Mom on Jeopardy Friday 3/14...

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I just got an email that an acquaintance of mine is going to be on Jeopardy this Friday (3/14). She is a homeschooling mom who also teaches literature/composition classes to homeschoolers. For those who are familiar with the Homeschool STore in Houston, she is a part time employee there. Her name is Renee Mathis, and she is a great lady! Anyone who was hanging out at the online conference that Fritz did a few months ago might recognize her name as an attendee.


Go Renee!


(P.S. A friend of mine recently said that there should be a homeschooling mom's week on Jeopardy! LOL!! I agreed with her!)

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Yes she taped in November I think. She got the call about a month before her taping.


And you're right - she's not saying how she did! Maybe they have to sign something :)


I don't know her personally though she has helped me at the Homeschool Store, we have mutual friends.

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