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Serious denial here....

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My oldest dd is 17 and for educational purposes is in 11th grade.


Yesterday DH reminded me that she will be eligable to VOTE this fall!


We are covering American History post Civil War this year...I planned on Government for next fall...


I need some ideas to help her get used to the idea of voting--and to assist her in choosing people to vote for!


I've been in denial that my little girl is growing up!

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My ds is in 11th now also. He won't be voting this time around because he has a December birthday, but we are studying Government using A Beka. We also own Carson's Basic American Government, but ds is more of a concrete learner and doesn't do as well with a lot of theory. He's a "just give me the facts" type of a guy. A Beka is a convenient and well done half year Christan course. You could start now and easily cover the material before the end of the school year.

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The best way to do this is what my mom did for me (except I didn't have the benefit of the internet). She explained to me what a Democrat/Republican/etc. was, without telling me her choice--this is very important because I truly believe I have no business or right telling my kids how to vote and whom to vote for.


Now, with the internet, I visit both sides candidates' main home pages. Not the grassroots pages, not polls, but the candidates actual websites. I read what they've done in Congress/etc. and make my own decision based on a few things I find important.


For her though, there are a number of "find your candidate" selectors out there. They are mostly gimicky (as in don't take them too seriously) but they are factually based on each candidates stances. She will be asked a series of questions and based on her answers, it helps her choose the right candidate.


From there, it will be very easy to teach her the how's and why's of voting. I won't have a voter for 2 years yet, and she'll be allowed to vote in a non-voting year (2010), but this is what I am doing NOW, with her.


Google is your friend. :)

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