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Need prayer for work for dh here, it's been EXTREMELY SLOW!!!

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We are in a good area, because of a big college town, so the economy might not hurt us completely, this does happen during the winter months, but I hate it. We recently moved and are still trying to sell our former house (but did have the help from my FIL, so we are much better off than we were a year ago, but only have enough to get us through about another month. Please pray for work. I posted an add on Craigslist and had a two e-mails, but no phone calls (I e-mailed them with the information) It's expensive to run an add in the paper. He paints and refinishes/installs wood floors. Anyway, please pray for us.




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Kristine, I feel your pain! (see my newly posted prayer request). Too bad you don't live closer - dh and I could decide that it would be worth paying your dh to paint/refinish hardwoods in our old house to get it on the market sooner rather than do it ourselves! :-) In any case, it is my hope that through this new approach to keeping prayer requests followed using the similar thread feature, we'll all be able to hold one another up more regularly as we wait with anticipation and expectation to see what the Lord is going to do on each of our behalf!


May the Lord's Kingdom purposes be established in our life!


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My DH is a loan consultant for Countrywide. It's been a scary ride lately for Countrywide, and although having Bank of America buy them has saved CW from bankruptcy, it's still just a lousy time for real estate in general. DH is working long, long, hours and still bringing home tiny paychecks. He is 100% commission, it is scary.


Anyway, prayers for your family.

Michelle T

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