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Anyone dealt with gum disease successfully on their own?

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My dh had gum surgery to fix some deep pockets a couple of years ago. At his appointment yesterday the pockets seem to have redeveloped. The periodontist isn't suggesting redoing the surgery yet, but....


Now I know my dh doesn't take care of his teeth as diligently as he could. (i.e. brushes only once a day sometimes). But is there other things besides the careful brushing & flossing that could help? We already try to eat fairly healthy here, but I'm sure we could do better.


What about electric toothbrushes? I've heard they can be beneficial. Is there a brand that is better than others?




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I had gum disease as a very young adult due to ignorance. It wasn't horrible, but it was bad for someone my age. Now, I brush twice a day without fail, floss once per day in the morning without fail (I might miss 5x in a year max) and rinse with listerine at least once per day.


It just has to become a priority.


It may be helpful to him to know that gum disease germs are spread to others by kissing. (Yuck).

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I haven't but both my father and husband have.


My father reduced his sugar intake (it was something that needed to be done anyway!), but what really did it for my dad & hubby was just diligent oral hygiene.


Flossing, rinsing and brushing twice a day is a minimum. Frequent disposal of toothbrushes (or boiling them) prevents re-introduction of new bacteria. Frequent dental cleanings helps (every 3 months).


The gums usually can heal themselves without surgery, but it's a slow process.

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Well, honestly, if he's not willing to brush more than once a day and his pockets are reappearing, I don't see him changing unless you are posting this to say that he is ready to take responsibility for his teeth/gum.


That said, my husband has been in the same situation, and quite frankly, he could still stand to improve (though he doesn't want to admit it). He brushes twice a day but very quickly. He does use these tiny little brushes that are like miniature bottle cleaning brushes which you srub between each tooth. They help.


But after his deep cleaning, he is now back to a visit every three months to check on his gums. So, we'll just have to wait and see if he stays on track.


The cheap battery operated toothbrushes do work very well, especially since they massage the gums. My husband won't use them because as I said, he likes to brush quickly and he "feels" like he isn't doing anything eventhough the battery-operated one actually does a better job.

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Last month our hygienist recommended Walmart's Oral Health Rinse, to help prevent my potential gum disease.


We also use Crest Floss Picks, which are easier for me to floss with.


The hygienist also said that avoiding sugary soft drinks is another big way to prevent problems. And actually making the appointment every six months to get my teeth cleaned (not procrastinating).


I'm really trying to be diligent, to prevent more problems. So I'm glad to see this thread!

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