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Has anyone seen Revolutionary Road or experienced those moments of desperation?

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Dh and I watched this last night and wow, what an incredibly sad movie. I had a hard time sleeping after watching that.


I love my life. Really. But, I could relate to the wifes obvious sense of desperation, of feeling trapped, and being afraid that I will miss too many wonderful opportunities in this life before it is over.


I am grateful for my Faith. It is what keeps me hopeful and joyful in the midst of those moments. Still...


Does anyone else find it hard sometimes to accept all of the choices that we say NO to? You know, for all the good and wonderful choices we make in this life, it still means that there are so many other things that we then say no to? Like, the obvious, when you have a big family. I adore them. Wouldnt trade a one of em! But, all of the limitations.... I guess it just becomes a daily choice to focus on the good.


Anyway, just rambling. But, this movie made me think alot. And mostly, to remind me to take JOY in all the wonderful gifts that I had been given. It is ALL about my attitude.



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Your post reminds me of a Lori McKenna song, Stealing Kisses. Faith Hill sings it too, but Lori McKenna is the songwriter and my all time favorite singer. If you listen to this song, you can hear the desperation in her voice.



It's late enough all you kids should be home

The policeman says as he takes your beer for his own

You remember wondering what his wife

Thought about his occupation


He knows that you were just chasing a dream

To the town line and then back and over again

So he winks at you girls

And tells you all "I'll see you later"



I was stealing kisses from a boy

Now I'm begging affection from a man

In my house dress don't know you who I am

I'm standing in your kitchen


It's late enough your husband's dinner is cold

So you wrap it up and leave it for him on the stove

It's probably the traffic again

Or another important meeting


And you haven't talked to an adult all day

'cept your neighbor who drives you crazy

When he finally gets in he's sure not in the mood for talking




And hours become days and days become years

And you could burn down this town

If they made matches from fear

Buy you're no worse off than anybody else

Hey don't you even know, don't you even know yourself


So you're standing outside your high school door

The one you walked out of twenty years before

And you whisper to all of the girls, run, run, run


I was stealing kisses from a boy

Now I'm begging affection from a man

In my house dress don't you know who I am

Take a look at who I am, I'm stealing kisses


And to answer your question, yes, I know the feeling that you are speaking of. It's actually been a long time since I have felt it, but it comes in waves. It has mostly come when there was a lack of balance going on in our family. I'm going to put that movie into our netflix queue.

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I do know too many people who have felt that they've missed out on things in life and when they attempted to make up for it later it hasn't turned out well. I've seen lives and families ruined.


For most of us life isn't the stuff of great deeds and legends, it's the little seemingly boring moments and days. But it's all those little moments that matter more, in the end, I think. It's all those forgotten people through the ages who just kept on slogging through their boring days that have kept civilization going.

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