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Has anyone bleached just one tooth?

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I never even thought about this until I went to the dentist to see about crown (on another tooth) I have a front tooth that dd hit with her head when she was little, it now has no root and is dead and slightly more yellow than the rest. All dentists have said to just leave the tooth in and not do anything with it. But he was the first that suggested making a tray for it to just bleach that tooth only and lighten it up some. Now I'm wondering if there was any way to just bleach one tooth at home? I should have asked him how much a tray would cost, but I didn't. Maybe I will when I start the other work.


Anyone have similar problem? He said it's pretty common, especially with moms.

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I had a dead tooth that was bleached. The only thing was, because it was dead, it wouldn't respond to external bleaching.


The doc drilled a hole in it to make sure there was no root problem (there wasn't - it was calcified) and inserted the bleach on a little pad. He replaced it once before permanently sealing the tooth. It looks great, but my new endodontist had kittens that a regular dentist (not an endodontist) had done it.


It was 12 years ago, and I've never had any problems, so I guess the guy was a good dentist!




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