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Has anyone used Biology A self Teaching Guide by Steven Garber

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My dd has been doing BJU Chemistry but things fell apart when she got to a certain section. I found a Wiley Self Teaching Guide for chemistry called CHemistry Concepts and Problems which is working very well for her. The deal with that book is that it has short bits of information followed by a question. There may be 85 or so concepts per chapter with questions following each. Then there is a chapter test at the end. I saw on Amazon that Wiley also publishes a biology eslf teaching guide but the smaple did not seem to be set up that way. I don't know if that is because it was just the beginning or whether the whole book is in a different format. This short segment and immediate question seems to help my dd not get lost and I would like to continue it in biology.

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No, the questions are at the end of each chapter and chapters can range from 11 pages to 40 pages long. Most chapters are around 20 pages long. I also find it lacking in important concepts. It skips both classic genetics (Mendel) and evolution, a major problem for me. It also doesn't list biomes or ecology in the index, which is also important. But he does include the evolution of the microscope and spontaneous generation. This is interesting, but I feel his priorites are wrong for a stripped down, introductory bio text.


I don't have recommendations for you because I haven't found anything I like for my ds. I'm waiting for CPO's life science which I'm considering using as a spine with additional readings. (Think of WTM logic stage history with labs) I'm going to use a SAT subject test study guide to help me decide what to cover in more detail. Ds has found CPO's other books clearly written, so I'm thinking with the CPO as an intro, he can then get more out of selected high school text and additional readings.

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I bought the whole set of wile self teach guides, and found that I just cannot use them.

I really don't like how they have the answer to the questions just under the questions.

I also noted that the biology book doesn't cover Mendel. I ended up buying Apologia , which I am not really happy with either, boy, the books waffle on!

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