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For those who have used Apologia Biology in 8th grade and went on to use chemistry in

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the 9th grade. I am wondering how chemistry went in the 9th grade. My dd has done Apologia General in the 7th and is now doing the Apologia physical in 8th. She is more interested in doing the Chemistry book next year than the Biology book. We would do the Biology book after the Chemistry book. She is not crazy about doing science at all, so I thought letting her do the Chemistry might get her a little more interested.


I am wondering how challenging this is going to be for her. Is it anymore challenging than the Biology book? I understand that you do not need to do Biology before Chemistry. She will be through Alg I. this year so the math in the Chemistry shouldnt be a problem for her. Any thoughts on this?



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I can't believe she wants to skip biology to study chemistry first! I love, love, love biology but I'm so happy to outsource chemistry! My ds did bio in

8th and chem in 9th with no problems. The only difficulty in chemistry lies in the math, not necessarily the content (of Apologia anyway. That's the only chem text with which I'm familiar). If your dd is doing fine in Alg. 1 this year, she should be ready for chem next year.




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the Chemistry is definitely more challenging than Apologia's Biology course. As Lisa said, if your dd is strong in math applications, she will probably be fine. In our case, ds sailed through biology (in 9th grade), but had to work a bit to get through chemistry the following year.

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They are both good courses in my opinion, but the Chemistry is more demanding in the math department while the Biology is more demanding in memorization, I think. My son took the courses at our homeschool academy, in a classroom setting and loved both. We are doing the physics course at home this year and it is working just as well that way.


The biggest deal with Chemistry is that you have to be solid on your Algebra to do well. You must understand how to deal with manipulating equations and significant figures and converting units. If her Algebra is solid I would give it a try.


Also, I'm teaching the lab for physics and advising 3 other families this year as we work through it together. I have two kids in the course who didn't take the chemistry course yet, but were strong in their math....all are doing just fine. So I'd say the math is the key.



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Thanks for this thread, as I was just wondering about this after a post about it last night. I think we'll go ahead and do chemistry next year in 9th. This year, biology and Alg 1 are both going very well.


If we do geometry & chemistry in 9th, will we be able to do physics in 10th if the concurrent math is Alg II/Trig? She's strong in math. TIA.

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