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  1. Can the SAT be taken after high school and if so, where?
  2. Can the SAT be taken after high school and if so, where?
  3. Does anyone have any experience with this company? I am looking to apply for a job as a nanny and for the background check they want my SSN# and DL#. Because I am new to the work force, I am not familiar with this company and am unsure about giving my SSN# and DL# online. Thoughts? Thanks so much.
  4. Yes, something like a road rally. I would want it to be just us though. Not sure if you can do that with this one. Thanks for replying.
  5. I was thinking of something geared more towards adults and older teens(like 16-19 range). Something with like clues that you have to answer to get to the next clue. Thanks for your response though.
  6. I’ve never participated in one of these but they sound fun. I would like to get a group of people together, like my daughters friends and their parents, and participate in one of these. If I plan one, I will know the answers, and then can’t participate. Is it possible to do one of these with out actually planning it, so you can participate? Like maybe buy a generic kit online or something? Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses! It helps. I did find out that our local University which is a good school for music has partnerships will some of the local community colleges. I did not know this! We will be making an appointment to speak to someone there. Blessings!
  8. They just said the programs weren't as good as the University's and that you would end going an extra year or two if you transferred to a University. Like you said, if she ends up taking a year or two longer, I don't think its a big deal either. I think going to community college will help her mature and grow more. I also think this gives her more time to decide what she would like to do. I don't think she will do well with getting scholarships because her grades are average as she doesn't always apply herself the way I believe she could. I know that could change in two years, but right now I
  9. My daughter is a Sophomore this year and we are starting to plan which college she should go to. She has been planning to start at the community college near us and possibly go to a university from there. Which I think is a good idea for for financial reasons and she is unsure of what she wants to do. She thinks its music but sometimes feels unsure. Anyhow, we had someone who has a degree in music tell us that its not a good plan to start at community college if you planing on going into music. I just don't know that I agree, but don't really know. Can I get some thoughts on this? Blessing

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  12. This looks pretty good. Does this give the time they were texting or on the internet? thanks
  13. I just learned that Verizon has an app called Familybase. It monitors your teens activitly when using their smart phone. We are not Verizon customers. We have iphones and Sprint is our carrier. Does anyone know of an app or software that is very similar to Verizon's Familybase app? Thanks!
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