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All this North Korea nuclear stuff is scaring me!!

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In this article


it talks of North Korea's plans for another Nuclear test. It also talks of it's constant rebelliousness....and desire to be reckless and dangerous!

It really scares me, and makes me think that they can at any moment just decide to launch at us.

I mean really....????....what are they trying to do?? End the world?? What are they thinking?? Can't they just abide by the resolutions??

What's the deal? Seems so evil! IT doesnt seem like there is an easy solution because the more the UN or US flexes its muscles or sends consequences, the more mad North Korea gets and does more insane stuff!

Yet, if we do nothing....then, they are free to do whatever they want.

Just please pray for world peace and for an end to the reckless leadership of North Korea! And for no Nuclear wars!

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North Korea has never really played by the rules. They raise kids up to be in the military from ridiculously young ages. I dated a guy in highschool who lived in South Korea with his parents (they were missionaries) and he said that the air raid sirens went off almost constantly - always warning of some attack from North Korea. To be honest, N. Korea is probably the biggest threat this country has right now...because we have NO IDEA what they have over there, they have no interest in peace, they train kids to be soldiers, and while they claim to be a socialist republic, the dictatorship is blatently obvious...very Stalin-esque. *shudder*

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