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What would keep my granola from 'clumping?'

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Do you bake it? I use honey in mine and bake it, it's clumpy.


I did bake it, and I did use honey. However, I used brown sugar also. Maybe I should use all honey. I also wonder if I used too much butter. I tweaked the recipe, and I may have ended up with too much butter. That may have affected the clumpiness.


Did I mention it is delicious? lol

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Just a thought here. Once a brilliant friend taught me to make Granola bars (the crunchy type not the chewy type) by adding egg white and forming bars and baking a second time. It was two egg whites to about 6 cups finished granola. Stir it up and bake at 350 for 15 mins.


It makes bars but mine were always so easy to crack up into smaller bits that I always had peices in the container at the end. It makes the "granola" alittle more crunchie but still tastes great.


Maybe this will help.

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Yes, a little more moisture, plus I switched from wheat germ to whole wheat flour, and that helped also. And it helps if you can avoid stirring it too much while it bakes. Better to try to keep it in one piece as much as possible, and then let it cool that way. Break it up by hand when you're ready to store it.

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