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My cat is acting wierd

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Usually no one sees my cat, except me. She hangs out in my room most of the time. The only times she sleeps on the bed is when it's cold or when we've been out of town. Coming home puts her on the bed for a night or 2, sometimes 3 when we've been gone a while. Well, it's not cold. And the last time I went out of town was the homeschool conference that we returned home from 16 days ago. She's been on the bed every.single.night! This is so odd.


I don't mind, usually. If she's there when I go to bed, I can usually fall asleep. If she's "blocking" my feet from getting out from under the covers, I can bend my knees. It's when she jumps on the bed at 4 am and curls up to me and purrs and wakes me up that it's a problem.


Could it be that she knows it's time to let the old dog go? I think she's having more bad days than good anymore. Could she be sensing my extra stress with VBS and vacation planning at the same time? Could it be that she is just plain odd?


In some ways I like it. No one else in the house likes to cuddle, but it's such a big shift for her.

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one of our cats we call "the little nurse". Whenever one of us is sick, this cat constantly stays with that person, laying at their feet on the sofa, etc. I also had a cat that whenever I would be stressed, he would get so upset.


Regarding your dog, we had 2 of our cats with terminal diseases a couple of years ago and the other cats definitaly reacted to that in various ways.


Also, there are times when one of our cats will be just more clingy and/or loving with us for no reason that we know of.

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