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I'm way behind on grading. Any tips?

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Hello! I'm new here. We are a part-time homeschooling (part-time French school) family with 5 children living overseas. We have been trying to emphasize learning language this year, though the kids still do math and history at home.


I am way behind on grading their math. I usually look over my younger ones to make sure that they get the concept, but I have failed to actually check the answers. (My 7th grader does check her own work.) My time is taken up with language learning, hanging clothes on the line, etc. But I know that in the states it's just as busy and my problem of not finding time is not unique to my location.


I'm looking for help for next year--are their any tips for how to streamline grading math? I will also need help on evaluating their writing--are their any outside services (online or email) that you would suggest?




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My children correct their own work (except essays but we do that checking together) sometimes with me and sometimes by themselves. As a matter of fact, they often use the solution manuals when they get stuck on a problem to see how to do it correctly rather than wait for me to review it with them! I find that correcting your problems are as much learning as doing the problems. Of course, you need to know your own kids and it does take "training" to show them how the answers are useful tools in learning independently and how you can think backwards from an answer to solve the problem, too.



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Have your older children help you. My children correct each other's math. They show it to me after and I go over any areas that need help. It saves me a ton of time and some sanity :D




We've also started having Dad correct the Math when he gets home from work. When it was just me, or my dd correcting her own, she wasn't as careful. Now that Dad looks at it (and sometimes gives her extra work because she was careless or sloppy), she is getting 100's all the time!




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