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Tea: Why does loose-leaf taste so much better?

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I love tea. In the long ago, I just bought what was handy, looked good, or had a neat packaging. One day, on a whim, I bought loose leaf in the bulk section at Wild Oats. It was soooo much better tasting! I loved it and have been something of a purist since then.


When Wild Oats changed to Whole Foods they stopped carrying most of the loose-leaf teas. I bought what they had in bag a couple of times. I tried to get over to the specialty shop for loose-leaf but it is way too inconvenient so I just kept getting bags . . . Republic of Tea, to be specific.


Well, lately they've started carrying Republic of Tea loose-leaf. The loose-leaf tea is far superior to the bags by the very same company!


Why? Anyone think it's all in my head?

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I don't know why, but ITA, it does. Even Lipton loose tea tastes better than teabags. I have bought nothing except loose tea for almost 10 years. Here's my favorite tea mug.


I usually drink a good black tea. Surprisingly, even Lipton is good, and much less expensive than the fancy-schmancy tea. But when I want to spend the money, I order from Glenbrook Farms.


I also think that teabags brewed in a teapot tastes better than a single teabag in a mug. Don't know why.

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