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Question about Barton and All About Spelling . . .

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I'm wondering if these can be used together, or would that just be confusing? My 9 yo ds is just finishing 3rd grade at the ps, and was diagnosed with dyslexia and other cognitive issues about a month ago. He is starting with a Barton tutor next week, which he will be doing twice a week over the summer (along with CogMed and IM). He reads reasonably well (not very fluent), but his spelling is just horrific.


I'm thinking ahead to next school year, during which I'm thinking of pulling him out during reading class to continue daily tutoring with Barton (from me). I've read good things about AAS, too, which would seem to help him. Assuming he gets through Barton Level 1 and possibly Level 2 this summer, would it be confusing to do AAS during the school year as we progress through Barton Level 3+? I don't know enough about the individual programs to know. Thanks!

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I'm not sure I would mix Barton and AAS. I would be concerned that he would get confused. However, if he does levels one and 2 this summer (level one of Barton is SOOOOOO GOOD!), and you are not continuing with Barton, I think AAS would be a good choice. But I wouldn't do AAS at the same time as Barton.

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I definitely wouldn't mix Barton and AAS. Over the summer watch how your son responds to the Barton program (and other cognitive programs). If his spelling hasn't improved by the end of the summer, I would be tempted to give AAS a try before continuing with the Barton tutoring.



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