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Thinkwell Pre-Algebra--Has anyone used this?

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I am planning on using Lial's Basic College math program for dd's 8th grade. I was wondering about adding Thinkwell Pre-Algebra to beef up the Algebra component. I am hoping someone here has tried this combo, or can give me some opinions.

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Thinkwell is more of a supplemental program...I'm not sure it would be worth the cost...(it would not add that much more material)


I'm not sure how/why/where you want to 'beef' up BCM...


If you will be using the Lial program for Algebra 1 the first 2 chapters contine on from BCM's chapter 9's introduction--most of my students are able to skip those chapters--but they are there if more of a gradual introduction is needed.


If you just want to add in more practice with variables before Algebra 1 then I would suggest using Key to Algebra.


I've transitioned several students from BCM into Introductory Algebra--no student had difficulty or needed additional 'Pre-Algebra' before Intro---including my oldest dd who has learning differences.


Most Pre-Algebra programs have very little actual 'Algebra' in the program. Pre-Algebra should focus on the basic math skills needed to manipulate equations.

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