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Solar panels...does anyone have them?

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No, but we've been looking at/for them for awhile now.


In some of my research, I found this site: http://1bog.org/

It basically is a way to provide solar panels at lower cost based on getting groups of people w/in a community to buy in bulk. I don't really know anything about this group, but the idea seems great, imo.

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Guest alister



Thanks for sharing the useful information.


There are many websites which provide details about the major types of solar panel technologies and provides free online training that has important tips for maximising the efficiency of your solar panels for homes installation.

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I always heard that you had to be sure to check your homeowners insurance. I don't know if that is still true, but it seemed that some insurance wouldn't allow them. I've also heard that they are or soon will be tax deductions for this type of thing.

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We have them; in fact, this is how we get all of our electricity as we live far from any power line. I don't know much about them though as they are in my husband's realm :). I do know that my city friends found very helpful info from their local power company. In many cases (if you plan to have the electricity "tied" to your house vs. just filling large batteries) the power company will install them free to insure that they are "tied" to the system appropriately. They also rec. tax info from the power co. as well as assistance in choosing appropriate sized panels. I know many companies often offer information services; take advantage of these! Here in OR there is a tax credit for the purchase of panels, though since it is somehow related to the power company we have not been eligible for them. I need to look into that again. We have had our panels for many years, and have had no problem with them.


When shopping for the best deal, look at the output to determine cost per kilowatt. Then make sure to notice the variance number, which is expressed as a + or -. This is the amount that the panel production varies from the stated KW output.... buying a panel with a smaller variance will often give you more output for your $.

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