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Saxon Math ?

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Anyone know how many lessons are repeated as review at the beginning of the next year for Saxon Math? We are due to finish the school year in 13 more instructional days (no, I'm not counting;)), but won't have finished the book. I don't want my dd to miss out on some vital math instruction, but if it's repeated at the start of next year then I don't have to worry - or go a couple weeks long. TIA!

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It depends on the level. Nothing is actually repeated, exactly, but it does back up a bit further than I expected (I've used K-3, and a bit of 5/4). I think 3, in particular, throws a bunch of stuff at you in the last 30 lessons or so. All of it will be covered again, and most takes a while to get to.

13 days is nothing. Go ahead and stop.

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Thanks. We're working on 5/4 right now, planning on 6/5 next year. I do plan on some review over the summer (grammar and math basics, reading, french vocab), but really didn't want to be teaching new material. We'll be about 25-30 lessons from the end of the book when we finish for the year. I thought I remembered being really surprised by how far they backed up, just wondered if anyone out there had actual corollary information.

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