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Geography workbooks-Give me some ideas...


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published by Mark Twain Media, Inc. Someone on this board recommended the series to me, and I haven't been disappointed. It includes National Geography Standards as well. My ds13 is using the Grades 6-7 book, which focuses on the Western Hemisphere. My ds10 is using the Grades 4-5 book, which focuses on basic geography concepts.


I found mine used on Amazon.

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We're using Down to Earth Geography, which is published by "Teacher Created Resources".



Low cost - about 22 dollars

Better than blackline reproduceable, because it comes with a disk full of Adobe files of every single worksheet page of the book. If you choose to use it as a blackline reproducable rather than a workbook, the results are picture perfect.

You could use it year after year for student after student

It follows the National Geography Standards for each grade perfectly, with clear corresponding references so you absolutely know which standard you fulfil with each unit/page you choose to use.



Black and White

It's not stand alone; you'll need an Atlas.

I thought many of the units promoted liberal agendas to an inappropriate degree.

I think the National Geography Standards are a bit shy on facts and long on boredom.

Next year I'll be engaging my kids in more concrete memorization goals, as well as encouraging more affective engagement. We'll be doing more memorization AND more Geography through Literature, biographies and History.




By the way:


My 4th grader is reading a book used in the Beautiful Feet Geography through Literature course, Paddle to the Sea. He really loves it. Based on his enjoyment of the book, plus our desire to engage his interest in Geography, we will be using the BF Geography through Literature course next year.

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