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  1. I've known and chosen to ignore the ''thanks'' for a while now. In my head, it means, ''you win the internet.''
  2. Me: *Gives explanation of today's math lesson* Okay, do you have any questions before you start the worksheet? Logan: yeah, I have a question. Do I have to do the whole thing before I can take a break?
  3. 2 of the kids on Logan's basketball team have the flu. I'm tempted to impose a quarantine on my house until the end of March.
  4. That's crazy. I'm glad he submitted his resignation in writing. At least he has that much to prove he did right. I do not have a box of doom, nor do I have a schoolroom of doom. My entire house feels doomish, especially after watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix.
  5. Good morning! we have a homeschool thingy at the zoo today. We are going to learn about poop.
  6. San Antonio? That's only a 3 hour drive. My mom lives there. Let's go to Six Flags!!!
  7. I'm here. Weird. Its been quite a while since I've been here.
  8. Oh, but I can. And I will. In about 10 minutes once they've cooled down a bit.
  9. I'm making brownies. I also have 2 little boys who are dutifully cleaning their rooms because I told them I would not share unless they did.
  10. I feel the same way when DH is home. Like he's watching me and judging every little thing I do. He's not.
  11. I told my kids it was quiet time, went to my room, and locked the door. Does that make me a bad mom?
  12. I feel you. We had our first rattler encounter of the season yesterday. Luckily, the Rattlesnake Alert Team (AKA my dogs) found it before it crossed the fence into our yard. Once they set off the alarms, it decided to move on so I let it live. Once again, I feel that I would really enjoy more time out in nature if only there wasn't so much nature.
  13. I had to double-check. You are right; it is still Monday!
  14. I don't even do that much on our weeks off. Chores and bedtime stories remain constant; nothing else is required.
  15. It doesn't need to be in the garage, as long as it is not on Jean's pillow, I think.
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