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  1. So I think I forgot to tell you guys. When my mom came yesterday, she brought me a belated birthday gift. Guess what it was? . . . . . Bookcases! She knows me well.
  2. I bet that blanket on the back is the very same one her mommy snuggles in. That makes it extra special.
  3. ((Mary and family)) That's just awful. I'm so glad your mom has people to help her make a big fuss and get something done.
  4. We speeched (spoke?) and parked. My boys have been given the instructions to do whatever they fancy as long as it doesn't interfere with what I'm doing. That means no bugging me and no broken bones. I don't have time for a hospital run. I need to pack bags for the boys for 3 nights at my IL's. I need to pack a bag for 3 days and nights for me. DH has to pack his own stuff. I think I have to do a load of laundry so I actually have clothes to pack. I would like to straighten up the house a bit and get the dishes washed. I don't want to come home to a disaster. If there's time, I want to go to
  5. You have every right to be pissy. This wasn't an accidental weather/nature related incident. They messed up.
  6. Proud Homeschool Mama Moment: Today we went to the local Discovery Museum with my mom and her husband. While we were there, Weapon X helped one of the employees. She was designing a robotics class for second graders that she is giving at an event in a couple weeks. She had the Dash robot and a launcher thing that she hadn't used before. He helped her figure out how to work the launcher and shoot balls into a goal that he built. Then he used blocks to design a maze and drove the robot through it. Both she and my parents were quite impressed.
  7. Between 1-4 hours, depending on your electric company.
  8. I vote hair. In this case, wild means stray or out of place. What would a hare be doing up one's butt? That doesn't make sense to me.
  9. Honestly, this sounds to me like he's purposefully creating the structure he needs to offset the scatterbrained bits.
  10. That's called hyperfocus and is actually a symptom of ADHD as well. I'm not saying you and your boy have it. I'm just saying that doesn't rule it out. But I tend to agree with SWB when it comes to slapping labels on our kids. If possible, I would rather do my own research and tweak the way I teach rather than seeking a diagnosis and special services. Of course, if it's something I can't teach him to handle on my own, I will seek services. We do go to speech after all.
  11. Aaaah! I overslept! My mom is coming. I need to get dressed. I need to get the boys dressed. I need to take the dogs out. It's raining. Aaaah!
  12. It's either. http://grammarist.com/usage/buck-naked-butt-naked/
  13. Yay for Bookie! Glad things are getting better. Hope health and attitudes improve as well.
  14. Don't forget the fact the she neglected to buy groceries and has nothing to feed her family.
  15. I love raisins, but we can't have them in the house. My kids leave them out and then the dogs eat them. Then I freak out and spend the next 72 hours giving them activated charcoal and looking for signs of liver failure.
  16. If all those things were true, I wouldn't need to pick out curricula. We would just live and learn and do projects together. Curricula is what tells me what to do because we are not self-motivated enough to do all the things you just said. We would be unschoolers if we were dedicated enough to make unschooling work. We're not, and would easily fall through to the not schooling side of the equation.
  17. Happy Birthday to Krissi's DD! Get well soon, Kernel. ((Tech Support)) Sorry about the car. I'm glad he's home and okay. Thank you to whoever suggested the Kids N Pets cleaner. My carpets haven't been this clean in a while. It really does work. I'm contemplating scrapping all my plans for next year and starting over. I think I'm just bored and want shiny new curriculum stuffs.
  18. I cleaned the carpets in half of the house. I will do the other half tomorrow.
  19. My schnauzer talks to me. Not in English, but she and I will have entire back-and-forth conversations. She's quite expressive and somehow manages to get her point across. We get an influx of fleas every few months. Because of where we live and the vast number of pets, there's really no way around it. I use Comfortis monthly, and then the 24-hour pills when there's an infestation. Salt in the carpets and under the couch cushions- Leave for 24 hours, vacuum, repeat.
  20. I love Grapes of Wrath, but it is rather....long-winded. Even as a voracious reader, I'm not sure I could've read it at 13.
  21. That's not how jobs work. I wonder what getting fired will do for her social status...
  22. My brain is working slowly right now. I read "RS Dutch" and couldn't figure it out. Right Start? No that's not right. Rod and Staff? Doubtful. Rosetta Stone. That one makes sense.
  23. Zyrtec works for me but not my kids. Claritin works for them but not for me. Allegra makes me sleepy even though it's not supposed to.
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