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  1. We went to the store. I did not find what I was looking for. I did buy a marble run for Captain Mal.
  2. I think our break week has decided to come a little early. Because lazy.
  3. It's already fairly decluttered, although I will probably donate a few more things in the process. I think I've figured out how I want the schoolroom/playroom set up, but in order to get it how I want it, I need to upgrade some furniture. I might have to go back to the casino to pay for it. ðŸ˜
  4. I've got the itch to reorganize and rearrange my entire house. Spring is here, y'all. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas on how to actually improve the current setup. I definitely should not start without a plan. I wonder if Pinterest has any good ideas.
  5. I have not read Dead Wake or Devil in the White City. I have been living under a pile of Pre-K to 1st grade level books instead.
  6. Good thing you called. I would've assumed a dinner would be served, and then my entire family would die to death before I found food.
  7. Hey smart gardening gardeners, If someone who knew absolutely nothing about plants and had a habit of killing any that came near wanted to grow peppermint and rosemary, what advice would you give her?
  8. You're forgiven. I do not expect anyone to remember all of the random things I say.
  9. Good morning. Sorry about the alarm, Spuds. My husband does that too, and my brain learned to sleep through his alarm. Unfortunately, this means I often sleep through mine as well. Coffee for everyone. fri-nally.
  10. This made me LOL. I don't mean to laugh at you, but I know exactly how you feel.
  11. What's the best relatively inexpensive robot vacuum?
  12. We had pizza. Me: What kind of pizza do you boys want for dinner? Captain Mal: Pepperoni Weapon X: Cheese with hamburger Me: Okay, we need one medium pepperoni and one hamburger, please. Weapon X: Are you kidding me? I said I wanted CHEESE with hamburger ON it! Me: If you put hamburger on it, it becomes a HAMBURGER pizza!
  13. Today, I read Weapon X a book and made him cry. I feel sort of awful for making him cry, but also I want to throw a party because he was actually emotionally invested in a book I read him.
  14. Our public school does this too, which is exactly why I don't schedule spring break for the week after DST. I would rather sleep in and have some later lessons than deal with all the peopley people.
  15. Boudin is delicious. We had leftovers for dinner. I'm back to day 1 of meeting my step goal. Yesterday was a very lazy day.
  16. I have a new plan for improving my adulting skills. I broke down my step goal into hourly benchmarks, and set up Google calendar alerts ( that get pushed to my Fitbit). Every hour, if I'm not where I'm supposed to be, I take a break from what I'm doing and walk around cleaning until I reach my benchmark. Hopefully, this will help me reach my step goals and have a cleaner house.
  17. I guess you could put just about anything in there. It may not taste good, but you could do it.
  18. ugh. Mondayest Monday ever. We had fun this weekend. A little time off with DH, went to a concert and then a casino. DH had never been to a casino before and I think he liked it a little too much. I won all the money at the roulette table. I am very tired and have not accomplished a single thing today. Weapon X has a checkup this afternoon. As long as I can pull myself together before 2, I should be alright.
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