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  1. Yeah, it's even sadder knowing how it actually turned out. Poor Capy.
  2. I did things. Speech- done Park day- done Drive to big town to exchange the stupid wrong cleats that I bought when I clearly was not paying enough attention- done Copy that soccer game schedule into my bujo- done I still have things to do.
  3. I never said it was! In fact, I said it made Weapon X cry. That was the whole point of me mentioning it.
  4. I built* a table. It's been finished for 5 minutes and it already has toys on it. It must be a good table. *I do not mean I built it from scratch. I mean assembly was required.
  5. My notification settings are all messed up. I'm getting emails every time someone posts here instead of an on-site notification and my phone won't allow me to change it. This is going to result in lots and lots of emails.
  6. I made it in! Hooray for the forum! Hooray for ITT! Hooray for extra likes! Hooray for coffee!
  7. Sometimes around this time of year, I like to stick five-dollar bills into my jacket pockets. Just a little surprise for next-fall Lana.
  8. I would go ahead and get it. He wants it, and a little frustration every now and then isn't a bad thing. You can help him learn to step back, take a break, and come back to it with fresh eyes. Think of how excited he will be once he gets it. He seems like the kind of kid that would get super excited about something like that.
  9. Just in case anyone was wondering, my friend did get a vet to check out her cat. There was no problem. She was in labor for 28 hours before the remaining 3 kittens were birthed one right after the other. Healthy mama, healthy babies.
  10. I put all of the boys chores into the chore monster app. When they finish one, they check it off and I approve it and they get points. Weapon X just tried to complete all his chores before I even got out of bed. On one hand, I'm glad he's motivated. On the other, picking up the playroom doesn't really count if you do it before anyone has had time to play in there.
  11. My thieving puppy hides the evidence in his sister's kennel. He thinks he's clever.
  12. That's pretty much what I figured. Hopefully she can get a vet to come in after hours for her.
  13. Critter! I need emergency animal advice. A friend of mine has a pregnant cat whose labor has stalled. It's been hours and she has only had one of her kittens. My friend is trying to find a vet that can look at her now, but small town so she's having trouble getting a hold of anyone. Is there anything she can do for her cat in the meantime?
  14. I ended up buying a new frame. It's all together now. I told Captain Mal he could pick any sheets he wanted. I showed him all the characters and cool patterns. He picked plain brown ones.
  15. The new mattress is here. The frame is not together yet. I think I'm missing parts. I'm not sure if we lost the parts ourselves or if we never had them as the bed was secondhand. Time to run to AFSA and try to figure something out.
  16. My mission for today is to figure out how to convert this toddler bed frame into a twin size before his new mattress shows up. And hopefully have enough time to run to the AFSA and let him pick out new sheets.
  17. I would like one of those coffee makers. And also a mute button for my adorable children.
  18. I'm only 200 steps away from my day 7 goal. I will do that without even trying before bed.
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