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  1. Apparently, we are going to Six Flags on Memorial Day. So if any of you happen to be near San Antonio, that's where I'll be.
  2. The boys both survived day 2 of the detox. Weapon X had a soccer game tonight and kicked the ball twice...in the wrong direction. He's awesome. We made brownies today. They are also awesome.
  3. They've moved on from painting. Now they are asking me to print out pictures of all the Dragonball characters so they can cut them out and have weird paper puppet battles.
  4. They are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. But at their age, that still requires supervision and mental energy from me. One of the main reasons I imposed the 30 day ban was because Weapon X knows all too well that "fun" requires a bit of cleanup. He would rather sit and stare at a wall until 4 pm (screen time) than do anything that might make a mess. He couldn't fathom staring at the wall for 30 days.
  5. I went crazy and imposed a 30 day screen ban. The boys really need one (particularly Weapon X) but no screens is so much more work for me. They are painting this morning. It's good and enriching and messy. I will be a good mom and survive this.
  6. Weapon X just burst into tears because he wanted another corn dog. Over emotional= I think maybe he's not feeling 100% either.
  7. I am trudging through an allergy-induced fog this week. The worst of it is fatigue. Allergies make me sleepy, but so do allergy meds. So I am doomed to be only half-awake until the pollen levels drop. I almost missed my step goal yesterday because of it. But I went for a walk just before bed and won. I'm hungry. I guess I should make some food or something.
  8. I am inexplicably exhausted today. I want to laze about.
  9. I want brownies. I think I will make some...after the children go to bed. That way I can eat as many as I want without sharing, and still be a superhero if there are any left tomorrow.
  10. It is not raining here. It is the exact opposite of raining. The sun is being mean.
  11. So....Weapon X had a soccer game tonight. He was only in for a few minutes before some kid on the other team kicked the ball, and my son blocked it....with his face. It literally knocked him off his feet it hit so hard. He's fine, but now he's afraid of the ball.
  12. I typically average about 9500 steps, and usually only one or two of my hours will miss 250. This was not the case a few months ago; only since I started setting smaller goals throughout the day.
  13. Whew, staying ketchupped is becoming quite a task. I was looking at Pre-K level things for Mal for the fall. I'm still not sure if I'm even going to start anything formal with him yet. If I do, it will be play-based. I just don't want to hunt down and plan the activities for him myself. I'm thinking maybe Blossom & Root.
  14. Husband took Weapon X to his soccer game so I wouldn't have to pantz. Captain Mal and I are home. The only sound is a sweet little humming as Mal builds Lego.
  15. I put the boys to bed. Tucked them in, turned out the lights. Finally, I can take a shower. Bang, pitter patter, bark, door slam, pitter patter. Pitter patter, boom, bark, bark, crash. Turn shower off. Wrap towel around myself. "What in Earth is going on?" Two little boys tucked in bed. Turn around. Hear giggles.
  16. Not this time. Everytime I find her escape route and fix it, she finds a new way. She's a resourceful little thing.
  17. My adventurous old lady dog has once again found her way out of the yard. I swear this dog is making me crazy. I worry about her so much. ETA: I shouldn't be worried. She probably found a nice elderly person to feed her treats and she will come home on her own. But she's not as spritely as she used to be, and every time she gets out, I think this may be the time she never comes back.
  18. I have sent the children outside to jump on the trampoline. Hopefully that will release enough of the crazy to get some school done this afternoon. The purple chair in my schoolroom is the perfect place to sit and drink coffee and ITT while still keeping an eye on them. Well, it's a good place. The perfect place would be on my as-yet-non-existent screened-in wraparound porch.
  19. Dragonball is an anime cartoon. Basically, going kaioken is like powering up. I essentially have superpowers now.
  20. I am on Day 36. I have not yet reached my step goal, but I'm only 300 away. I'll get there. I hurt my back moving the swingset yesterday. This resulted in a very Monday Monday. I randomly decided to dye my hair red last night. When the boys saw it this morning, they were convinced I had "gone kaioken." It's a Dragonball thing.
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