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  1. In my case, the teacher identified my son as needing enrichment and was sent to a one-day-a-week enrichment program in grade four. Because of that one day my son really was bored the rest of the week and begged to be homeschooled. He really wished he could go to enrichment everyday of the week. After digging a little I did discover a full time enrichment program in our region and he was accepted into the program. The thing is, it would never have happened if I had not advocated for my son. He was so agreeable at school that the teacher had no clue he was unhappy. It was I who had to deal with him every morning not wanting to go . . . saying he was sick . . . begging to be homeschooled, etc. When I mentioned that to a mother on a school trip for his enrichment class she told me about the full time program . . . long story short, I approached his teacher and principal and now he is in his second year (grade 6) of full time enrichment and thriving with an IEP in place for his learning. Here is a list to help identify giftedness from a local support group for parent with gifted children: Identification and IEP’s Do you think your child may be gifted? How do you know? Here is some information to help you out. Signs of Giftedness Please be aware that not all bright and gifted children have all of these characteristics. This is offered simply as an indication of some of the characteristics. perceptive, inquiring mind unusual insight and intellectual curiosity superior judgement and reasoning ability demonstrates abstract and critical thinking skills originality ability to see connections between ideas long concentrations span in areas of interest advanced reading ability and extensive vocabulary keen powers of observation rapid mastery of basic skills advanced sense of humour strong sense of ethics and values special ability in one or more areas such as mathematics, computers, the arts intensity prefers older playmates or adults
  2. It would be interesting to get an update from the original poster. I ended up putting my son in a full time enrichment program where he is around other kids who are just like him and he is thriving. I'm so thrilled. It was something that is available but was not advertised or mentioned as an option. So I did a lot of digging around to find out about the opportunity.
  3. 2013 Update: I did find out we have a full time enrichment program in my region for which my son qualified and he is thriving and loving school. He just started his second year and it is a close to homeschooling as you can get at school. Interest led projects where they can go deep as they want. He has a university prof that comes in once a week to teach math . . . tons of school trips . . . public library trips because the school library isn't enough for these kids, etc. A teacher who understands the needs of gifted students, etc. I really recommend this for anyone who does need to head back into the work force and can't homeschool any longer. Check out to see what IS available through your public education. It's really interesting that there was NOTHING available for me to find on the regional school board website. I had to do the digging, the asking, and had to advocate for my child. It's something that is not advertised but really was there for us as an option for my gifted son who really did need the stimulation of peers who learn as he does.
  4. What a great idea . . . I have a son with the same tendencies. Thanks for sharing.
  5. "The math curriculum would depend on the 5th grader's level and preferences. Does he like to read and think? Does he want a video lecture? Where is he in his problem solving and logic skills? What are his mental math skills?" He loves to read and think . . . very self motivated. His mental math skills are amazing and problem solving and logic skills are great. "I'd start placement tests with Singapore Primary Math w/IP and then move right in to Dolciani Pre-Algebra: An Accelerated Course or AoPS Pre-Algebra, but then I had a visual-spatial lad who didn't like a lot of words and feels that videos move too slowly compared to just reading it yourself." Thanks I'll look into this.
  6. He used Horizons in grade 2 - blew through the whole curriculum in less than two months . . .
  7. For gifted math students, check out Art of Problem Solving http://www.artofproblemsolving.com Do you personally use this? Is this a stand alone or to supplement another curriculum? Thanks.
  8. Hi there. My boys want to be homeschooled again (have been in PS almost 2 years) I'm letting them finish the year at PS and am now looking at curriculum for the fall. DS starting grade 5 is gifted in math . . . what curriculum is best. Would the exploring series General Science appeal to a science minded child? What writing and language program would you use? My DS in grade 3 in the fall is looked after . . . I'm pretty sure I know what to use. Many thanks for your help.
  9. Hi there. I decided to start a new thread from my previous post. I am thinking of afterschooling my ds (grade 4) for math. Just wondering what curriculum you use for a gifted math student. Just a little bit everyday. He's not getting what he needs in school. Many thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone for comments. He *does* take a book along to read but his teacher has discouraged that because he doesn't participate in class discussions as much that way. I do know he is an avid reader (started at 3) and when his nose is in a book it is very hard to pull him out of it. His "regular" school teacher is giving him enrichment math and math a grade ahead. (I know this is even too easy.) This week he figured out something new in math and she told him he shouldn't do that yet because they haven't officially learned it yet. I asked him where he learned it . . . he told me "I just know somethings mom, I don't know where it comes from." I have yet to speak with the enrichment teacher as she is hard to get a hold of . . . not returning messages. As I am reading your responses I think maybe I can afterschool math. What are your suggestions on that? What curriculum? Many thanks, Deb PS. Maybe I will start my last question as a new thread.
  11. I homeschooled my son through grade 2 and then started PS for 3rd because of a family situation. He is in grade 4 now and goes to the gifted program one day a week. My problem with this is that he says the other four days he wishes he weren't so smart. On the one day that he gets challenged and is with other gifted learners he said he feels normal. On the other days in "regular" school he's bored and doesn't feel the same. He said "sometimes I wish I weren't so smart." He is not bragging . . . he really is gifted . . . and honestly wants to fit in. I'm not a gifted learner but I am trying to understand him. I just think if he needs enrichment classes why can't there be full time enrichment instead of just one day a week. Is there some way to try and implement a full time enrichment program into a school? I noticed in a post that there are schools that have full time enrichment. Are those private schools or are there public schools that do this too? I'm just trying to get feedback from others who have gifted learners and how you deal with their boredom at school because they just learn so quickly. Homeschooling may be an option in the future just not now. Thanks.
  12. Hi, quitting is not being a bad mother. Think about the rich environment you provided to your child and what an excellent start to their learning. You can still after school. Both my boys are in PS for the first time this year, grade 3 and 1. I found the school very accommodating (maybe a bit too much) at the beginning of the school year. They were a bit concerned that they would not be able to fit in socially, but they were blown away at what wonderful, bright boys I had and how well they adjusted and their work habits were better than they thought they would be. I found I did not have to tell them that my oldest was gifted (they soon discovered that on their own) and have since placed him AND his brother into the enrichment program. I do miss homeschooling . . . but I know this is the only option now and I still am very active in their education. I continue to research and provide them with excellent reading, read aloud to them at night with sonlight read alouds, and for the summer we are doing a notebook along with Apologia Zoology 2. This doesn't have to be the end of you teaching, but the beginning of something new. If you find the school lacking in an area, supplement at home. Best wishes. Keep us updated. Deb
  13. The Chronicles of Narnia . . . my ds reads those over and over . . . also check out Sonlights reading list. Get in a variety of genres.
  14. My boys (grade 3 and 1) are in school for the first time this year . . . homeschooling put them so much farther ahead they were selected for the gifted class . . . however, I continue with sonlight read alouds, continue with ETC and extra math.
  15. Snuggling in bed with me one morning my six year old son wrinkles up his nose and says "your breath smells like something I wouldn't want to eat". Hee Hee.
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