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  1. We just did it today. I'm curious about your questions because we noticed some things in the key that I couldn't explain. Your questions are probably not stupid at all- I've had several throughout the program- I think my 5th grader is diving deeper into diagramming than I ever did, lol.
  2. Thank you so much for this post. I was feeling over my head as we entered doing history for the logic stage, and this post completely put me at ease and clarified all my questions. So appreciated!
  3. This is such an important note, ScoutTN. Both my kids began typical school here in Morocco at the ages they did and the grade they did because they were the only native English speakers in their class and anything less for them in English would have been a bore and they were young enough that they picked up French quickly. But, my Dd's birthday is August 31, so she is often a whole year younger than other kids in her same grade equivalent. My son's bday is August 7, so he's in a similar situation too. I often have to remind myself of this when there are things they are struggling with. Thanks to everyone's input here I'm really starting to grasp what a transition year 5th is going to be and with that comes a great mix of grammar and logic stages, and that maybe with my Dd her transition will sit heavier on the grammar stage end of the scale. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for the suggestions. Keep them coming! I live in Morocco and I don't have much of a homeschooling support system here (really, none at all), so all these suggestions are invaluable as I spend countless hours trying to sort through websites. I already have a much clearer picture of the direction to up is learning to implement them from a perspective of the logic stage- I feel just as intimidated by logic as I did when I started homeschooling 3 yrs ago! Thanks for your support.
  5. Thank you so much for your input. Since posting this thread I've now come across several people mentioning Oxford University Press books and Human Odyssey. I think that's the direction we'll go. Thank you the science suggestions. I'll look over them, plus sit with the idea of doing interest led (which currently totally intimidates me).
  6. Thank you for mentioning WWS being challenging for 5th because this led me to find a thread discussing this very idea. I'm now going to save it for 6th grade. But now I'm trying to figure out what direction to go with our writing. I'm going between doing the Creative Writing or using ISW in hopes of better preparing her for WWS. Ideally I'd like to just use ISW Ancient Times writing program, that way we could integrate History and writing and I think that would be more interesting for her, but the ISW site says that you need to first do their complete program first. Maybe I could integrate both? I don't want to overload her. I see that back in October SWB stated in a thread that Advanced Language Lessons will be printing soon, so I too am going to plan on using that for 5th.
  7. Oooh, this sounds like a fun idea. I've done my best not to let on to my kids that I'm not science minded, but thus far they don't seem to be very science minded either (we're a family of dancers, artists, and athletes). I feel intimidated by the thought of science being so open, but I suspect this could help foster a greater appreciation and maybe even love for science in them. Would you suggest just looking through our science encyclopedias and such and finding things that appeal to them, and then building on that? Or something else?
  8. Cintinative- Would it be possible to get your spreadsheet that breaks down by weeks. I think I've decided to use OUP books and K12 and I'd love to see how you laid it out! Thanks.
  9. Hi- I'm trying to make sense of the 5th grade logic stage and I'm hoping some pros in this can help me! This is what I'm thinking so far- am I correct? What would you add or subtract? Language Arts Writing-Writing With Skill 1 Has anyone done the Creative Writer series offered on WTM website? If so, did you do this at the same time as Writing with Skill or another writing program? Grammar ????? I was looking at AG, but it doesn't suggest to start it until 6th grade. I prefer to stay secular in our learning, so Rod and Staff are out, I guess. Any thoughts on Well Ordered Language or Voyages? We will have finished 1st Language Lessons Level 4 by the end of this year, so I'm at a bit of a loss for what my 10yr old daughter should do in 5th grade. Spelling Spelling Workout F/G Keyboard Keyboarding Without Tears History Am I correct that we are going back to reading SOTW1, but this time at a deeper level by including a resource like Kingfisher, timelines, outlines, and narrations? Math Math-U-See Life of Fred Maybe supplement with a little Singapore for additional word problems Science Please share with me your recommendations for a biology program for the logic stage. It should be stated I'm not a science minded gal, so I need all the help I can get- whatever you find to be the most complete. Languages My kids will continue with French which they speak fluently, but maybe we'll add Latin. What's your favorite Latin program? I know everyone has strong opinions, so let me hear them!! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed entering the logic stage. Oh, and I should mention that I'll be also teaching her little brother in 3rd grade next year, so he'll be doing some of the history and science with her. Thanks!
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