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  1. cbollin, I also like the idea about the additional student notebook that comes with the 3rd edition. I did not see one as part of the curriculum package for the 2nd, but I guess a regular notebook can be used. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your review for the 3rd edition.
  2. Can someone who has used the series comment on the differences of these two versions? Although I do not have the details, it is said that the content in some of the essays in the 3000 series have unusual and non traditional topics?? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the information! I wonder if the 2nd edition is missing any up-to-date science information? the 3rd edition does look more visually appealing but Dr. Wile's comments make me wonder about the overall content.
  4. Does anyone know what are the main differences? updates? or where I can find more information? I'm concerned with new editions since I learned about all the mistakes made with their Chemistry 3rd edition book a few years ago. Thanks!
  5. @desertflower Thanks for sharing your plans. I have not heard about James Madison critical thinking. I'll look into it.
  6. Have you tried Saxon? My only caution with R&S is that since it is mastery based, it may not follow a regular sequence than most of math books. It'll get you to high school math but at a different pace and it does not include new concepts like technology, etc. We tried it one year and my kids tested behind in the IOWA tests, so I changed them to Saxon (it put us back on track). I'd say it'll all depend on your long term goals. I still think R&S is a good curriculum, it was just not what we were looking for an advanced math track.
  7. I was wondering what my 7th grader should start with? We studied the book "The Basics of Critical Thinking" in 5th grade but did not choose anything for 6th. I know there are books like the Fallacy Detective and Art of Argument before starting Traditional Logic I . Where should I restart teaching logic? Also what about the sequence of "Building Thinking Skills" and "Critical and Creative" and "Critical Thinking" books? thank you!
  8. Is there a book/website or some other type of resource that can teach me how to do this? or some type of evaluation services? I'm not sure if we are where we are supposed to be at a 5th grade level and I cannot pin point exactly what my student needs to improve writing (unable to produce decent summary of stories or even a well written paragraph when compared to other 5th graders). I do not have any experience teaching writing and I'm getting just a little nervous! ? Thank you!
  9. How can we best integrate these? At what age do we formally introduce these subjects and how? Are there any curriculum materials that teach these effectively? Any type of grade level recommendations? Thank you!
  10. Has anybody used their curriculum all the way up to their 9th/10th grade level? Is it considered a complete curriculum? Will it prepare a student to take college level classes specially in math and science? What about writing/grammar? I understand they tie their grammar to Latin, and their writing program is based on the progy? Thanks!
  11. I finally decided to try a standardized test for our kids this year. Needless to say, they did not perform well. I completely understand the pros and cons of such tests, so I do take them with a grain of salt. However, I did notice a big gap between what we learned this year and what was covered in the test at their grade level. This will be our third year homeschooling. I'm feeling really weary just playing 'catch up' on areas that were not covered by the curriculum we chose. So could anybody recommend a solid and thorough curriculum that will cover everything that is supposed to per grade level? I've been looking at CLE, LIFEPACS, SOS, Rod and Staff, etc. I love everything about classical education and we will continue to do our best to follow most of it, but I honestly do not want to keep catching up and filling gaps every year!!! Thank you!!
  12. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! They really help clarify a few ideas on my mind :001_smile: .
  13. Thank you ByGrace3! I have not been able to find any reputable sources either. I'd love to know what you are using for history now?. I respect SWB's works, but I also need to teach something that I feel comfortable with ;0).
  14. Thanks for the reply SilverMoon! So basically SOTW implies that because of his cultural background, he also seek to false gods and not because there is a scriptural reference indicating such. Interesting assumption and definitely something to ponder. Thanks :001_smile:
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