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  1. Yeah, I'd want to add some drill to an AP course. We love AoPS, but would never allow it to become a sole source of content.
  2. Having worked with a number of kids using TT, my wife and I are both generally in agreement with this assessment. It is a decent enough curriculum, but the content is a bit delayed - even in the new edition. As self-teaching curricula go, it's one of the best out there. However, one should expect some extra review or enrichment approaching SAT time. Nothing extreme.
  3. Would definitely be interested. We would like an honors-type section with high content, but "normal" honors rigor/difficulty. We loved the MIT course, but 0 to MIT is a bit of a large jump. Something just shy of AP with labs, and we'd be all over it.
  4. We used Deutsche Welle online - it's free, and is stuffed with activities, progress tests, etc, and will take you as far as level C2. We paired it with Deutsche Aktuell and a local native speaker for extra practice. After a year of that, DS joined a local B&M HS at second-year, but is clearly operating at third or even fourth year proficiency compared to other students.
  5. The best ones I know of are on MIT-OCW, but Coursera is well stocked, also. Does he want advanced computer science, or just additional coding exposure?
  6. Would not suggest. Keep a proper curriculum. This is just a fun way to reinforce the lineages and powers.
  7. Ha! They are PC games. They're on steam, so you can probably use a Mac or Windows machine, and possibly even Linux. You'll have to check on Mac or Linux, to be safe.
  8. There are "converter" mods that allow you to play seamlessly from one end to the other. Now, it might take an entire year to do so... Yes, DLC: Downloadable content. The DLC packs give you all the important ones in a single go. These games can get real pricey, real quick.
  9. You'll want the DLC for EU IV or CK II. At least, that's what DS says... The others (Victoria and Hearts of Iron) aren't as relevant to European history as CK and EU.
  10. As promised, it's on sale, maybe today & tomorrow only (though it'll come back around): https://www.humblebundle.com/store/bundle/paradoxinteractive/
  11. DS plays every game in this series, including Crusader Kings (1066-~1400), Europa Universalis (~1400-~1800), Victoria(~1800-1936), and Hearts of Iron (1936-1945). It is possible to string them together to model out later European history in a single gigantic campaign. With mods, some have it going back to Rome, but the quality is not as high with mods. It differs from Civilization in many ways. Civilization does not follow history at all, but drives along a path of likely development. The EU series follow history closely, with all the minor nations, leaders, children, spouses, etc. Po
  12. For Calculus, I'd add in the MIT-OCW Scholar sections. These are quite good, and stand on their own.
  13. For Gelfand, don't forget "Functions and Graphs" and "Method of Coordinates," which really should be paired with "Algebra," or at least precede "Trigonometry." A good review is posted at https://math.berkeley.edu/~wu/Gelfand.pdfas a pdf file.
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