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  1. Is Lost Tools of Writing (by the Circe Institute) a good high school program to use after WWS 3?
  2. You may want to hold off on an on-line course until middle school or high school when she'll have more grammar and writing experiences under her belt. Do you have a good writing tutor in your area - - - even a homeschooled high schooler or a college student majoring in English - - - who might be able to work with her each week since she enjoys writing so much? ************************************* www.knightwritingresources.com
  3. As a private writing teacher/tutor, I find that many students who demonstrate negative attitudes at home about writing tend to change their tone and formality, as well as improve their content, once they have an outside audience for their work besides Mom or Dad. You may want to look into a writing tutor in your area or on-line who can work with your son on one or two writing assignments this semester - brief literary analyses or biographical sketches about figures in history he's studying or a simple science report. An outside voice for his work may help him adjust his writing for a real audience. When mom and son are tense about the writing dynamic, it's nice to change the rhetorical situation and audience enough that he can have a fresh start. If you're not in a position to get any outside help, you might find WWS 1 a great fit. The writing assignments are logical and sequential, and the reading selections hold the student's interest. There's enough room for creativity while also learning about forms of writing. ************************************* www.knightwritingresources.com
  4. We have enjoyed the MP literature guides in our household - for all grade levels. Nice literature choices. We discuss most of it orally with a few items pulled out for short writing exercises.
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