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  1. Is there any other way to view NC discussion on Career and College classes rather than through FB? Like a yahoo group?
  2. Hi Cindy in FL. Is Newberry a good place to live near UF? Someone said the bus system in the Gainesville area is great. Is it safe for college kids to ride back and forth even in the twilight hours, assuming the buses run late, that is? How long is the commute time?
  3. Hi plansrme, Yes, I was looking at some of the links. It takes time. :) It can take me a couple hours or more just to explore one link. I'm sorry I hope I didn't come across negatively. I'm always thinking of homeschooling families as one-income households and more financially stretched, but of course, there are some amazing moms who both work and homeschool and homeschoolers in many different situations, so it's hard to generalize. Hi Kassia, Evanthe, & Lori D., Not sure you mind mentioning...what CC network are you a part of? If you wish to divulge, you can private mes
  4. Thank you for the personal notes. It's always nice to get such quick answers. Thank you Elegantlion, I'll look at the College Board. Lori, I have interacted on WTM before but not very often, and you've shared other lengthy advice nuggets. Thank you! It's interesting that you mentioned about Lumerit because due to a webinar I attended through Lee Binz's website, they have tried to recruit us for their program. I have not spoken with a representative yet, though. When I saw the cost, their fees seemed similar to instate tuition, so it made me uncertain about that path; in addition,
  5. My children have taken several PS courses, and it has been a good experience for them. This year, my two oldest are taking 4 courses each through PS, and I think the courses are academically rigorous. Last year, I looked at the College Music Theory class, but I was concerned about the level of complexity of the course content. If your child is very academic, it might be a nice fit. I did send the scope and sequence to someone who had a minor in music at a state university, and she told me that the course content seemed like graduate college level work. Since my daughter will not likely ma
  6. I recently dove into previewing a variety of colleges through their respective websites and ultimately came away discouraged that most of the colleges, which are not even ivy league, would cost over 20k a year for dorm+tuition per child, even after subtracting automatic institutional merit-based scholarships. I looked at over 30 different schools. In order to compete for the largest scholarships at most institutions, it seems the SAT score needs to be higher than 1400 (I still don't know my daughter's score). My children seem above average but not necessarily in the highest accolade category
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