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  1. Oh, I'm so excited to hear that there is a 4th edition in the works!!! WTM is my "bible" when it comes to homeschooling and I so appreciate all the hard work you have put into it! My children are very young (6, 4, 4), so I can only speak to that age group. There is only one resource I would recommend replacing, and that is Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready. It drove me nuts. Kids mature and grow at such different rates that I found some activities frustrated my kids and others bored them. The black and white format also made it tough to get excited about the activities and some of the
  2. Hi :) I am going to be helping a friend's son this year with his Chalkdust Calculus. I know it comes with great videos, but this particular student usually needs a little extra help with video based math courses. I was thinking it might nice to have a copy of the text, but the 9th edition that CD uses costs a little more than I hoped to spend. I see some earlier editions for less money. Can I get away with an earlier edition if I am using it mostly to review the concepts for myself before I sit down with him? Thanks!
  3. I have had students who do very well with Saxon, so I totally agree that it can work. However, I've run across a few it does not work for, so I am hoping that I can have a few other things on hand to supplement with or suggest to parents who want to try something else. :)
  4. Thank you so much for your responses; they are very helpful! My concern over books not being available down the line comes from the fact that I am tutoring students now but I have children that are 3 and 5. :) I think I am just going to slowly start collecting a few of these titles. Also, MarkT, I used a poor choice of words when I said the spiral method may not work at higher levels. I should have specified that I meant Saxon's spiral format in the upper level books. For example, when trinomial factoring is covered, the kids maybe get 2 or 3 problems to work on factoring that day. T
  5. Hi :) I am looking for recommendations for Algebra I through pre-Calculus for students who are interested in STEM majors (I plan to use one of the college board AP recommended texts for Calc). I have tutored students through most of the Saxon levels and I am finding that the spiral method doesn't work as well on upper level math for some students (particularly in Advanced Math - material is so spread out and there just isn't enough practice of the skills at the time they are taught). I haven't really fallen in love with other homeschool curriculum so I have been thinking of going with te
  6. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I really appreciate it!
  7. Thanks for the ideas! I'll take a look at Explode the Code and Primary Phonics. I do have the Bob books, and they are great for reinforcement; they just stop matching up so easily once you hit blends. I know nothing will match up perfectly to OPG; I was just hoping someone had found something close. :)
  8. Hi there :) I am working through the Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading with my son, and we are starting to get into blends. I would really like to provide him with some extra practice passages as we learn these. We are going at a relaxed pace, a lesson every other day. I typically do a lesson (and often the suggested activity) and then the following day, do some sort of practice. For short vowels, it was easy to find phonetic readers (BOB books, etc), but now that I am planning for blends next week, I am having a tough time finding material the practices the specific blends covered (wi
  9. Hi :) Can anyone tell me if a Saxon Algebra 2, second edition text book is close enough to 3rd edition to be used for a co-op class where the third edition is used? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the great posts ladies. I think it's one of those things that I needed to talk through and figure out where the feelings were coming from and how to deal with them. I try to never speak complaining words about my husband to my friends and family - I usually make it my policy to work it out with him. This was one situation where I wasn't getting anywhere by talking with him, so I just needed to tell someone :) You know how sometimes when all the words swirl in your head and you can't make sense of it? But magically, when you type it out, you start to see things from differen
  11. Thanks for the advice yall :) Very helpful and encouraging :)
  12. I'm just curious if any one else out there has a situation similar to mine regarding Mother's Day. I lost my mother 10 years ago and becoming a mother was a huge struggle for me (thankfully we were able to finally have 3 beautiful boys via IVF). So, now that I am a mom, Mother's Day is a big deal to me... maybe because there were a lot of not so happy Mother's Days in my past. But, for some reason, my wonderful husband (he truly is wonderful) does not understand this. I have tried explaining it to him, but he still doesn't seem to get it. Each of the four Mother's Days I've had so far sin
  13. If you do go the transcription route, beware of M*Modal. My sister worked for them and they were horrible!!!
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