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  1. If we could afford it, we would definitely homeschool. My husband supports my decision either way. Our oldest is turning 18 and never wanted to be homeschooled. The twins are in third grade PS, and it breaks my heart to have to send them to school every day. They are very advanced (not gifted) and usually learn the material much faster than their classmates. There is a lot of busy work, and much sitting around. I also feel, that with the school day being so long, there is no time to teach them real life skills. Both younger boys come home at 4pm, homework takes about 1 hour until everything is put away and ready to go for the next day, dinner, shower, reading and lights out. No room for activities or afterschooling. That said, we could make homeschooling work financially, but there'd be nothing left for extras. No field trips, no gymnastics or swimming, no annual trips to my home country Germany. So when you weigh these options, I feel that our family benefits more if I work and bring in the additional income. It is unfortunate, but at least we can both say that we made one decision over another. If childcare was free, I'd homeschool in a heartbeat!
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