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  1. I just looked to see when you'd posted last. Glad it's a planned break and not a POOF. :)

  2. I should be cleaning, but snuggling with the baby is much nicer. No dishpan hands.

    1. kdownie


      Reminds me of the little poem "Babies don't Keep." I think you made the right choice!

    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Good job--dishes can wait! I'd love to have a baby to snuggle. My youngest turned 11 today!

  3. Went to add a picture to my profile and noticed someone gave me a one-star rating. Um, thanks. Why are there stars exactly? Ugh.

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    2. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      One-starring a poster rather than an individual thread seems petty and mean to me.

    3. GailV


      Probably someone didn't know you could click on the stars and have it do anything. That's the sort of thing I'd do accidentally. (It wasn't me, by the way.)

    4. zoobie


      Thanks! I was feeling sad. Appreciate the replies! (And stars) :)

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