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  1. Sleeveless tank top. What Marlon Brando wore in Streetcar when he beat Vivien Leigh.
  2. If he's fighting off an allergic reaction, they may prescribe steroids. It's worth a call. Yellow jackets are nasty. 4 stings can kill someone allergic to them.
  3. Latex for anything with pain IMO. Her doctor may be able to write a prescription for one. (Depending on insurance or HSA that could be helpful or not.)
  4. Indiana has the highest per capita membership in the KKK. I'm not sure how you missed the Rebel flag and etcetera there.
  5. I make an insane chart with the opening/closing hours of each park to plan it out. I would avoid MK on Mondays. Look at where the Extra Magic Hours are and avoid them. The Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party will be happening while you're there, so that will affect MK traffic. It's typically lower on the day of a party, but you have to leave the park by 7 unless you get the extra ticket. I personally enjoy those events. The parades and fireworks are amazing. If you'll be there Monday-Friday, the Tuesday night party would have the lowest attendance and get you the best experience. Monday the 18th will be extra crowded at MK because it's a Monday and because there's no party. EasyWDW used to have a great calendar for choosing days, but it's not cooperating with me this morning. I can't tell if it's not still doing it or if it's a web issue.
  6. Maybe adding a sea salt spray? Or using something like this shampoo: http://www.lushusa.com/hair/shampoo-bars/seanik/02164.html Would a different type of water softener make it less soft? Can you reduce the amount of softening it does?
  7. Trader Joe's has a California olive oil in a tall, skinny, round bottle. It has a nice, subtle peppery bite that doesn't choke me in the back of the throat. I like it on salads and DH loves it on popcorn. There are some stores around here that sell nothing but oil and vinegar! You can go in and sample.
  8. Whatever you can keep down is fine! I had norovirus with a 5 month old. It sucked but of course I fared better than DH. **eyeroll** SmartWater has some electrolytes but tastes like plain water. Ice chips. If you have someone to drive you, could you get IV fluids if necessary?
  9. Your mom asked about your husband's vasectomy? EWWWWWW! What on earth? I'd be texting her like OMG mom just had the BEST unprotected sex. Know you were concerned! XOXO, Katie
  10. My phone charges on the night stand. The only sound that is on is for the alarm clock. I almost never have the ringer turned on because it's so rarely used as an actual phone. :rofl: I have to remember to flip the switch when I'm expecting a call and then it startles me. If I needed to receive phone calls from emergency others, I'd set up the priority number thing.
  11. Yeah, I'd clarify whether there are two separate fundraisers happening. That is not cool if the troop is funding her daughter's other activities. If the troop were raising money for a fellow member's medical expenses and it was very clear, that would be different!
  12. Can you, with her permission, video the tics? I would be concerned these were seizures and not tics, and they don't always show up in the doctor's office. Showing a video can be helpful in diagnosis (which would obviously include an EEG). I think I've read something on sertraline inducing tics. Were they present before she started Zoloft?
  13. I'd want them to have some experience because medication behaves differently and the adolescent mind is a completely different animal. A provider without much experience but with a willingness to research and learn would be better than none at all. Some providers don't take insurance directly but you can submit your payments to insurance and be reimbursed. It would require "floating" the payment until you receive reimbursement, and I'd get confirmation from the insurance company out the wazoo before doing this, but it might be one way to see a preferred provider. :grouphug:
  14. This is a good idea. If you can't bring your bike into court, you could get someone to video you on your phone and ask the judge to review the footage. I say ask because they can always refuse. Still photos won't really do the same thing, but that is a typical form of evidence to present. They can't hurt.
  15. Or get him something vanilla that he can hold or wear. They make diffuser necklaces. Using real vanilla instead of vanillin might help any others prone to migraines.
  16. I would call DS and ask what the plan is for that venue with his grandparents. I wouldn't post my concerns on FB.
  17. Material and budget? Reversible faux leather tote from Nordstrom: http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/street-level-reversible-faux-leather-tote-wristlet/3559375 Target has a similar one for around $30 but it's not as nice. The Nordstrom one seems softer and better quality. Vera Bradley has fabric totes in patterns and solids Fabric (one of oodles of styles): https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Vera/Havana-Rose/15461-15461G01?Ntt=VB-PDP-SEARCH--PDP-VB Leather: https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Ella-Tote/Sycamore-Black/14622-14622481?Ntt=VB-PDP-SALE-PDP-VB MZWallace: https://www.mzwallace.com/shop/metro-tote Kipling makes bags that hold up well and come in lots of colors. Several tote styles.
  18. If he's eligible for military insurance, it would benefit him to get it. Medicare covers its regular percentage then the military benefits act as supplemental insurance. My stepfather is retired military. He is old enough for Medicare, and my mother is not. They were not married when he served. My mother's insurance is 100% the military insurance. Either way, I don't think they pay anything at all out of pocket for medical care. My mom had an expensive hospitalization last fall and they didn't pay anything at all. I helped them with some paperwork when he was old enough to switch over, but I don't remember the details. He pays a minimal amount for one of the Part Whatevers, but that means everything is covered 100%. It's probably something that would best be handled in person with someone to assist them in going to the veteran's office and helping translate paperwork.
  19. 1, 2, and 4 Paleo. 3 Keto. As someone else said, it would be easy to provide the kids Paleo carbs and eat Keto yourself. Either way you're going to be prepping and cooking a good deal, but you can streamline and prep ahead. I'm back to clean Keto. I don't use artificial sweeteners and track net carbs, staying under 7 per meal and 20 per day. I am trying to lose weight and ward off HBP and diabetes which run strongly in my family. Once I get beyond a certain point, I hope to introduce more carbs in the forms of fruits and non-starchy vegetables. My family eats everything. I have one vegetarian, 3 and 5 year olds who eat ???, and a picky kid...
  20. Do you know what kind of music she likes? My grandmother liked "watching" gospel music DVDs and old musicals like South Pacific. She didn't have to follow a story for those because they were so familiar, and she loved music. :grouphug: I hope the doctor can prescribe something to soothe her and her transition goes well. Take care of yourself during this time too.
  21. I used these in a cookies and cream brownie creation with coffee frosting. Oh. My.
  22. Oh man, you can't catch a break! I'm so sorry you're sick again. I hope it passes quickly.
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