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    "It has something to do with incarnation... Any human face has a claim on you, because you can't help but understand the singularity of it, the courage and the loneliness of it." ~from Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

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    From Alaska, have a doctorate, lived in Japan, love to be occupied.
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    Outskirts of Portlandia, where I'm bringing down the hip factor daily.
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    Professional musician

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  1. I am putting coins on completed math problems. Yes, that's right, I'm paying him for his work and stealing the joy of accomplishment. It's working out great!

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    2. shanvan


      I used to put m&ms at the end of a row of problems, money works too!


    3. violamama


      Waaay back I used to break out the nerds for phonogram bingo. I've got to stock up with Easter here. It's not bribery, it's positive reinforcement!

    4. kubiac


      Bribery is a highly underrated parenting technique. :D

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