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  1. Is there any reason why we couldn’t do this with classical pronunciation? I hadn’t planned to use it because of the pronunciation. But, we are anyway. I don’t want to change what we are used to in our family.
  2. I wondered if you has tried Greek on Mango. I think we will do that this next year.
  3. Sight singing school Mapping the World with Art Diana Waring‘s History Through Music Draw and Write Through History
  4. I would guess they chose anthologies for ease and affordability. Did they read only certain portions each term? Were they divided by poet or era? I thought pictures were chosen to be studied for themselves, not to illustrate an idea already “painted†in words.
  5. I do co-op on Mondays so we don’t have to be home. For some reason Tuedays are a smoother start at home.
  6. I have one like this. We school 6 days/week/year round. I refuse to do Sundays. She has breaks to visit relatives, but usually takes something to do. With this child it’s better to be consistent. Once off her routine, life is horrible. It takes several days for her to “reset.â€
  7. If you find what you are looking for, let me know. We couldn’t manage at home with these courses either. I borrow a few other homeschoolers to teach a class and that seems to go smoother. It at least makes it not so boring.
  8. I teach younger kids, but I like the German courses I’ve used so far. The kids haven’t complained about the books being in German. I am going with Planet Plus for my older class this year. I’m going through it now with a high school student I tutor. So far, so good. The website has printables and audio.
  9. We liked Level three for the spelling and art. But, Level four is much easier. It is self-directed. She has things she reads aloud to me, but then she is independent. We are looking forward to Level five.
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