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    Still in shrinkwrap. Book, answer key, CD's. To be shipped media rate unless you want to upgrade postage.



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    New in shrinkwrap. Workbook, answer key and CD's. Shipping is media mail unless you want to upgrade for $10 to Priority. Thanks!


  3. Another vote for Singapore Math. I used it with 2 of my children in the early grades and then switched to Saxon because everyone else said it was better. I shouldn't have listened to them, because the next three kids are all terribly behind in Math and have a math phobia thanks to my switching too much. Teaching Textbooks helped give them a little bit of confidence, but I recently found that my son was cheating the TT system. I don't really know how he did it, but he hasn't retained anything new since switching from Saxon to TT. So, just today, I decided to email the founder of Singapore Math Live for help. He is in 7th grade, and I plan to go all the way back to Singapore Math 2. By the time he gets to 9th grade, he should be ready for Algebra, as long as I sit with him everyday while doing his math lesson (unfortunately I can't trust him to do it while I am at work and I need to relearn myself). Here is her reply to me: 1. Certainly the early years will be the easiest to go quickly through. The hope would be that you can come alongside him and encourage him so that he does not feel awkward doing such "young" math. Tell him that I said I learned a LOT starting in PM2 - and I already had a degree in math! It's worth doing.He can move quickly, feel successful, and maybe even learn to look forward to doing math again! 2. As the material gets harder and he starts to slow down, you may want to adjust the assignments a bit. The place that our family made adjustments was to limit (or eliminate) the word problems in the IP book. When we got busy, we did only the odds in that word problem section. We always did the "Take the Challenge" sections, because that has such great thinking skills. But we sometimes did only half (and maybe sometimes altogether skipped) those word problems. 3. Depending on how he does, I think you could consider Algebra I in the 9th grade. He will have a very solid foundation then, and he will be old enough to handle the abstractness of the Algebra I material. It may be a little more work for him than for someone who has completed a pre-algebra program, but I think it would be very do-able. There is plenty of time to see where it goes from here, adjusting as he progresses. But I think your schedule could certainly work. And if he is willing to start back at PM2 and take it seriously, I am confident that he will be able to fill in lots of gaps and have a better understanding of math as a result.

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  6. Hey u! I just sent u a friend request.

  7. Did you notice that there are some comments on the FS board about items you have sold to people and they haven't received yet? Just thought I would mention in it since I see you are online right now.

  8. Happy birthday!!!

  9. Hey Lori! It's me from TM boards! Thanks for being my friend! They are hard to find these days .:o)

  10. John 15:19 :grouphug:

  11. My hubby commutes to Austin twice a week. I have been homeschooling 9 years, my kids are 14, 12, 10, 6 and 4!:)
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