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  1. Another vote for Singapore Math. I used it with 2 of my children in the early grades and then switched to Saxon because everyone else said it was better. I shouldn't have listened to them, because the next three kids are all terribly behind in Math and have a math phobia thanks to my switching too much. Teaching Textbooks helped give them a little bit of confidence, but I recently found that my son was cheating the TT system. I don't really know how he did it, but he hasn't retained anything new since switching from Saxon to TT. So, just today, I decided to email the founder of Singapore Math Live for help. He is in 7th grade, and I plan to go all the way back to Singapore Math 2. By the time he gets to 9th grade, he should be ready for Algebra, as long as I sit with him everyday while doing his math lesson (unfortunately I can't trust him to do it while I am at work and I need to relearn myself). Here is her reply to me: 1. Certainly the early years will be the easiest to go quickly through. The hope would be that you can come alongside him and encourage him so that he does not feel awkward doing such "young" math. Tell him that I said I learned a LOT starting in PM2 - and I already had a degree in math! It's worth doing.He can move quickly, feel successful, and maybe even learn to look forward to doing math again! 2. As the material gets harder and he starts to slow down, you may want to adjust the assignments a bit. The place that our family made adjustments was to limit (or eliminate) the word problems in the IP book. When we got busy, we did only the odds in that word problem section. We always did the "Take the Challenge" sections, because that has such great thinking skills. But we sometimes did only half (and maybe sometimes altogether skipped) those word problems. 3. Depending on how he does, I think you could consider Algebra I in the 9th grade. He will have a very solid foundation then, and he will be old enough to handle the abstractness of the Algebra I material. It may be a little more work for him than for someone who has completed a pre-algebra program, but I think it would be very do-able. There is plenty of time to see where it goes from here, adjusting as he progresses. But I think your schedule could certainly work. And if he is willing to start back at PM2 and take it seriously, I am confident that he will be able to fill in lots of gaps and have a better understanding of math as a result.
  2. I have the tests and Hakim books for the third edition, but I cannot locate my Test #4 or 5. Would anyone be able to help me at least with Test #4 since I need that ASAP/ by emailing or sharing in google drive? If so, my email is pammyje@gmail.com Thanks so much.
  3. Thank you! My friend has been looking for this program!
  4. Lori, that is a great post! Do you mind if I share it with my CLEP info group ?
  5. I am planning to do this with my son on our own. This summer, he will take three CLEPS (basically one each month). Then next year he will take 5. That will be 21-26 credits, which is almost a full year of college. I have a friend whose 15 yo son has already earned 41 credits by CLEP exams. Yes, Thomas Edison will take up to 90 transfer credits, even CLEP exams. So, if you have a motivated learner, it can be done independently!
  6. My 17 yos was homeschooled until 9th grade, then I put him in public school. He is a junior now, and is doing dual credit and has a 4.0. Next year he wants to finish high school by homeschooling. He is in the top 10 percent of his class, but doesn't test well on SAT's, etc. so I am not too sure he will be able to compete for scholarships on his own. in TX, all students in top 10 percent automatically get admitted to any state university with some scholarships. If I pull him out of public school, we won't have that option. BUT...I could really use his help with our business. My dh's income has been cut ever since the economy starting going whack in 2006. It is to the point that I have to work part time and we still struggle. My son has apprenticed with my dh, and even paying him $10/hr would be a huge help to us. He wants to come back home, but I am so worried about scholarships being affected. He is also in Civil Air Patrol and has a ton of community service hours. If I do homeschool him again, here is our plan : Apologia Physics BJU PreCalculus BJU Govt/Eco American Lit Spanish 2 elective? If he goes back to school next year, he will have to take an elective in summer school. I only put 6 credits on his Freshman transcript, and no fine arts credit. So they won't allow him to graduate without art! Silly rule.
  7. Depends on your state, and college requirements. Here, most universities will still count you as a Freshman if you have less than 23 hours. My dd did dual credit and earned 15 hours and got a Presidential Scholarship.
  8. Thanks, all. Part of the problem is I am not able to sit with her through the lessons, as I work from home and am also a student. So, I guess I need to just sleep less to have more hours in my day.
  9. biggest mistake of my life! I downloaded the computer version for my son, and he got seriously addicted. While I was traveling back and forth the hospital, he probably played for hours straight every day. He is still suffering from withdrawals. Don't do it!
  10. Medicare is for people over the age of 65. I was referring to a few sections, mainly these: Sec. 3403. Independent Medicare Advisory Board. Creates an independent, 15-member Medicare Advisory Board tasked with presenting Congress with comprehensive proposals to reduce excess cost growth and improve quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries. In years when Medicare costs are projected to be unsustainable, the Board’s proposals will take effect unless Congress passes an alternative measure that achieves the same level of savings. Congress would be allowed to consider an alternative provision on a fast-track basis. The Board would be prohibited from making proposals that ration care, raise taxes or Part B premiums, or change Medicare benefit, eligibility, or cost-sharing standards. Sec. 2703. State option to provide health homes for enrollees with chronic conditions. Provide States the option of enrolling Medicaid beneficiaries with chronic conditions into a health home. Health homes would be composed of a team of health professionals and would provide a comprehensive set of medical services, including care coordination Medicare Advisory board and health homes for people with chronic conditions. I will have to get back about the specific wording when I have more time.
  11. Part of the reason I haven't posted is because my mother in law has been in ICU out of town. I don't have a lot of spare time to visit the chat board and I generally only stay on for a few minutes. I don't think it was beating a dead horse, because I wasn't aware of previous conversations here. I have also read about 400 pages of the Affordable Health Care act, and think I am making an informed decision about whether I think the increases in health insurance are due to that, as well as the cuts that my mom, dad, and mother in law will soon be feeling from Medicare. All of them have terminal illness, but thus far have life sustaining medical care (dialysis, oxygen, Rx drugs). Since they are all over 65, the next time they need hospitalization they may be turned away, since that is outlined in the AHC Act. For my family, we cannot afford an additional $300 per month for health insurance that we rarely use. So, we are having to cut other things from our budget...eating out, entertainment, clothing, etc. That is all I was saying. And who wouldn't want God's help? We could all use it these days!
  12. Yes, I did. She got 7 right, so she was two away from actually placing into TT 6. I think she likes TT most, but she doesn't like doing it independently. That is why I paid so much for it. I have so many other programs that I could use. I know that I need to just be consistent. I am not very patient with math. I actually loved math until 9th grade Honors Geometry. Then I started hating it. I really had to work hard to finish college math.
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