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  1. I know exactly what you mean. We moved from a city that had one of the very best library systems in the country to a small town in another state. I am constantly amazed at how much this library is lacking. I guess I need to lower my expectations or start spending a ton of money on Amazon.
  2. Ooooooh! I get it...like in email. The ones I've read are not highlighted and all the "unread" emails are highlighted. Duh! Makes sense. Thanks so much for the insight because it was really bugging me! :):lol:
  3. Thanks Tracy - I have actually seen this, and it is helpful. But I am really looking for a spreadsheet or list that includes everything...every book suggested, every curriculum suggested, etc. I know this might be crazy, but I'm just a list person. I love the "meat and potatoes" of the full text, but I also need the "boiled down" version -- a list. I guess I'm quirky like that. :) Thanks for the response!
  4. I love The Well Trained Mind! But, I am big on lists. And I really want to have an Excel or Word spreadsheet that condenses the information in WTM into a year-by-year list, divided by subject, of all the recommended curricula and resources. Something I can just look at, and have everything on one page - at least for a year at a time. I know the Epilogue section for each stage (grammar, logic, rhetoric) give an at-a-glance breakdown of what to do for each subject and for how long. And that's great and very helpful. But I also want a condensed list of all the wonderful resources named throughout each section. Does anyone have this to share??? If not, I will be compiling one myself. :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie: (Labor intesive, but worth it for me in the long run). Thanks!!
  5. Hmmmm...I have actually been trying to organize a group that comes together weekly and does pretty much everything a CC Foundations group does, but with no fees involved. I've been trying to figure out how to make this work -- how to divide up the responsibilities among the participating families. You all have brought up an excellent point about people not taking it as seriously if they're not paying for it. But maybe if each family involved has some essential responsibililty (tutoring, providing the meeting location, providing snacks/supplies, etc.) they will be less inclined to just not show up. I've really been giving this a lot of thought lately so I am excited to have found this post. I think CC is great, but I agree that it is expensive for what you get. We absolutely adored our director/tutor last year, but I think we can do most of it on our own with little to no cost. I'd be very curious to hear from anyone who has made something like this work and any tips you can offer. Thanks.
  6. Great idea! I would also be interested in seeing that if someone has it.
  7. Now that I look again, I guess a lot of them are not in bold.
  8. Testing...my post titles are not in BOLD, but everyone else's are. Trying to figure out why. ???:bigear:
  9. Great! Thanks for this. I need to order my RightStart Math Level A Starter Kit and they have it...for even less than if I buy it directly from RightStart...plus free shipping! Woo hoo!
  10. Thank you for this! I have started our Bible studies with the Old Testament, but it makes sense to start it here with learning about Jesus. Great information. I look forward to reading more of the lessons. :)
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely check out The Core. I, too, find myself spending waaaay too much time comparing us to other homeschoolers...and mostly ones online. There are so many great ideas and resources out there that I get too caught up in the research of everything to actually get anything done! It's crazy. But I am finally beginning to feel like everything is coming together into a manageable and exciting plan. Woo hoo! Oh, and we LOVE the CC songs. My girls can learn anything if it's set to music/tune. I really wish there was a song for everything in the CC curriculum.
  12. Thank you all so much for the wonderful suggestions! I will definitely be checking out the suggested books/websites. The schedule suggestions seem to make a lot of sense and should be fairly easy to accomplish...I think. :tongue_smilie: I appreciate all your input!
  13. Hi All! I would LOVE to hear from some of you with experience how you break down your homeschooling time for a kindergartner...AND if you use Classical Conversations, how you tie the CC material in with everything else you're teaching. I have a long list of subjects I want to begin teaching my daughter (who just turned 5), but it's pretty overwhelming when I sit down and try to plan out how each day will look. I want to start each day with Calendar Time and spend about 20 minutes on all the calendar stuff, weather, lunar phase, etc., tying in some writing exercises. I think I have a pretty solid plan for that part. But I also want to teach: Phonics/Reading Math Handwriting History Geography Science Art/Music Memory Work Do you teach some subjects only two or three times a week, and others you teach every day? Is there a golden equation for how much time to spend each day total, then how to break it up per subject (e.g. no more than ___ hour(s) total per day, broken up into no more than __ separate subjects, and spread out over __ amount of time.) Also, we will be doing Classical Conversations on our own at home, following the materials used for that. And I'm wondering if I should just lump all the CC stuff into one category called "Memory Work," focusing strictly on the memorization of those items and not trying to turn it into a full history lesson, geography lesson, etc. Your thoughts are very much appreciated and anticipated! :) All the best, Hope
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