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  1. Thanks for the info Arcadia & Slackermom. I appreciate the feedback. It does sound like a cool thing to have it all handy!! That "community" feeling to it might even prove motivating for a child. Hmmm! It looks like I might opt for the combo package :thumbup1:
  2. Hi, I'm ready to start my 10 year-old son on AoPS Prealgebra. I'm new to the middle-school / high-school part of AoPS, and really don't know what would all be necessary to get started. I see there are lots of you, moms and dads, here, who have experience with AoPS. AoPS offers the paperback textbook (with solutions), in addition to the online textbook. One can purchase just the paperback, or just the online book, or the combo (paperback + online book) . So, the question is, is it enough to just buy the paperback version? Or would adding the online version as well enhance the learning experience? From what I can see, one can access Alcumus and all videos for free anyway. I'm inclined to think just the paperback is enough, but wanted to consult with you so I can make a more educated decision. Thank you so much for any tips and guidance!!
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