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  1. I am alone in my house for the first time in months. I have no idea what to do with myself :)

  2. I can do this for five more weeks, right? Right??

  3. I don't care how motivated you are. Five AM isn't for being awake.

    1. atozmom


      I will second this!

  4. There's a "Hugh Sale" going on across the street. Who is poor Hugh and why are they selling him?

  5. My oldest son is graduating from high school tonight. Wooohooo!

  6. Me: What is 'hoarfrost'?" Dd: "It's like a horcrux, but really freaking cold."

  7. Why, when I get my tax refund, is my first impulse to race to my curriculum catalogs and start shopping for books?

    1. atozmom


      Me too! In fact, I already have my wish list loaded.


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