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  1. I have a just turned 3 year old who has been begging to learn how to read. I picked up 100ez lessons and started in mid January. We are halfway through (we do about 5-8 lessons a week depending on her interest). The lessons are just the right amount of challenge and the format suits her well. Each lesson takes 10-15 min to complete. My question is what do we do next. Do we just follow the list in the back of 100 EZ and read through those or should we continue with another curriculum? My thought was to get her reading at a basic level and then just read and enjoy that time. She's so young, I have no concerns about grammar or spelling or anything like that. The only reason I chose an actual curriculum is I wanted to make sure she had a good solid phonics background. Is there another curriculum I need to continue with to make sure that phonics base is there or can we wait until we get to spelling? Thanks!
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