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  1. My son just finished Saxon 6/5, and math is his strength. How do I determine placement for the Critical Thinking Co Mathematical Reasoning curriculum? I don't see a placement test and my googling is not coming up with anything helpful. He will probably return to private school in a year and go back to Saxon, but I think we can move him ahead a bit in the meantime, as he was not very challenged last year. I have homeschooled for a long time, so I am confident about my ability to fill in any gaps. Thank you!
  2. My 8yo hates eggs. I need a high protein breakfast recipe. He's sick of yogurt and granola. We do a lot of smoothies, bacon/sausage and breakfast tacos, but need new ideas! I would love a high-protein breakfast cookie recipe, but the one I made was a dismal failure. It doesn't have to be that, though. No allergies, he can eat eggs, just doesn't like them. Thank you!
  3. I totally agree with leuchtturm 1917 and *highly* recommend this site: https://www.jbwelly.com
  4. I'm on immunosupressants for RA and am not homeschooling for the first time in 15 years. So add a new school full of germs, plus the community college germs from the middle 2 kids. It seems like I have been sick (colds and GI viruses) all winter long. I think its a particularly bad year.
  5. I'm considering painting the exterior of my house white, but I am concerned that it will look dirty all the time and I will regret it. If you live in a white house, how do you feel about it? I live in the country in Virginia, if that makes a difference. thank you!
  6. The KitchenAid with dicing kit looks like exactly what I was hoping for!!! Thank you SO MUCH. I have my family help a lot, but we are no longer homeschooling and I would like to be able to function by myself in the kitchen for as long as I can. thank you, everyone!
  7. I have RA, and the pain in my hands and wrists are especially bad, and will not get better, according to damage shown on xrays. So I need to figure out a new normal. I love to cook, and we have a large family. I have always done a lot of chopping. Lately, I have been avoiding it bc of pain, and I need to get back to being able to cook. In the past when I have tried food processors, they partially shred, partially turn to mush, and maybe I'll get a few nice diced or chopped pieces in there somewhere. I am too picky about my cooking (not about eating, but about the ingredients I prep) to have onion mush instead of decently chopped onion. The little chopper gadgets all look too small for my large family, plus I don't know if they work any better. Is there anything that will actually do a decent chop/dice/mince that i can use with hand and wrist pain? I honestly don't care what it costs, bc right now I am buying overpriced food items, etc to avoid chopping, and cooking is very important to me. thank you!!
  8. Look on Craigslist! We got the Orion one really cheap a few years ago, and our daughter has loved it!
  9. Please share some snack ideas (or main item for when they get tired of sandwiches) to pack in lunchboxes which contain no sesame and no tree nuts. Severe allergy in the class, so I'm hesitant to buy anything pre-made. Recipes appreciated!!
  10. Have they checked anti-ccp? That's more specific to RA. I have RA, and my RF andCcp are both off the charts.
  11. These are really helpful ideas, you guys are awesome!!
  12. A friend of mine, who has her own 3 teens plus her mother living with her and her DH, just had 3 more teens move in because of the sudden death of their mother. I would like to help them with some meals. I would especially like to have meals they could freeze, if possible, so they can use them whenever they need them most. I find this easier with winter recipes. Any ideas for hot-weather meals for 9 adult-sized people? Bonus points if they freeze well. Thank you!
  13. Haha my 5yo just turned 8. Maybe time to update the sig? I won't push hard, if he's not ready by Aug it's fine. But worth a try bc he wants to. They aren't placing by reading level, but the curriculum has a lot of reading at the grade level he wants to be in, less so in the grade prior. We'll see how it goes.
  14. I appreciate the supportive comments, but what they will do is put him in the prior grade. That's fine, but he would like to be with his age group if possible. So we're giving it a try this summer. I'm just trying to figure out a good slow progression of books for us to read together this summer, starting with frog and toad, and ending somewhere around the boxcar children reading level.
  15. Also, just to clarify why after six kids I am asking this question, most of my others went from Reading little bear and frog and toad to things just clicking. Once it clicked, it clicked, and they were Off to the races. This guy seems to need a bit more of a gradual progression. Thank you!
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