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  1. My dd is going through this book now (8th gr) and it's a great preparation book for Spanish 1, but I wouldn’t use it as part of my class. Maybe you could use it before your high school Spanish class?
  2. Is anyone's dc taking the CLRC Arabic 1 class with Mary Danial? Do you like it?
  3. We are still doing grammar in 8th grade, but I think in high school it will just be review here and there. We have used/using the R&S 2-8 Grammar books so I think that is enough!
  4. What does DE stand for? Sorry for the dumb question, but I see this abbreviation quite a bit and don't know what it means. LOL :crying:
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm planning for next school year and saw one semester writing course and was thinking I could outsource a lit class for the next semester.
  6. Does anyone know of any online freshman literature courses that are only half a year? Thank you!
  7. Anyone? It is expensive so I'm not sure if I will be able to do it, but I really want to outsource this class for 9th grade. I'm panicking trying to make plans for high school. Here is the link:
  8. Here the University requires only US history and one other unit in social studies. Thank you so much for your great advice. It's something I will consider. I just started planning for next year (9th grade) and I'm changing my mind about a million times. This is sooooo stressful!!
  9. Are there any American History courses that have, for instance, American History 1 and American History 2 that would be a full years worth of work each? We have had very little American history and I think my dd would absorb much more over the course of two years.
  10. Has anyone had their dc take the live online course English 1 (Survey of Lit. & Intro. To Comp.) from Bright Ideas Press? Good? Bad? I would appreciate any reviews! Also, do they teach writing papers using formatting - like MLA/APA- in any of their English classes?
  11. Does Lial's Algebra have any teaching videos that correspond to it? Unfortunately I need teaching videos at this level.
  12. Thank you for your replies. I'm wondering how bju or videotext would workout since they are considered mastery.
  13. My 7th grader still reads out loud but not as part of school. When we read novels out loud in the evenings she will take over when I'm tired.
  14. We are finishing up Rod & Staff Math 8 and I have no idea what to use next year (for 8th grade). For those of you who finished this course, what did you use next and how did it work out? I really appreciate any responses! I don't even know if dd should do a pre algebra or algebra course.
  15. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! After much research, I decided to go with EIW level 8. I hope this is the right decision!
  16. We are now finishing up R&S 8 after doing 1-6 and part of 7. I just supplemented with a few Key to Algebra books with the gr 8 book to make it a stronger pre-algebra course. I highly recommend it for dc who are slower to average in math, but it would probably be frustrating for ones who are advanced. It's slow and steady pace really pays off in the end.
  17. I looked into Meaningful Composition and I'm confused about where to start. Any suggestions?
  18. I'll check out Beyond the Book Report- thanks for the link!
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