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  1. My boys are both like this. But they both have ADHD. They *know* the material and the process, but they are messy, lose focus or make simple errors because they're distracted. Math can take hours if left to their own devices sometimes. If I sit next to them and "guide," they're fine. And by guide, I don't mean give any instruction, I mean guide to keep them on task. Literally, it's like this: "So what's the first thing that you need to do? Okay, now what? What's next? ... Now make sure you can read that; I can't tell if that's a 9 or a 4..." That can be the difference between 10 minutes to com
  2. Language Arts: Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings Classical Academic Press: Writing and Rhetoric 7-8 Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots 7 Grammar for the WTM Purple Math Lial, probably Prealgebra. He's doing BCM this year and I think he needs another year before Algebra. Science: Elemental Science Chemistry for the Logic Stage History: History is my thing. We do a combo of TOG (*heavily* edited; year 3 next year), Human Odyssey, American Odyssey, and the 8th grade state history book for our state along with other random stuff I pull in. Other: Lively Latin
  3. As a homeschooler, how did you fulfill the Second Class requirement to participate in a program about the dangers of drugs and alcohol? He's the only homeschooler in his troop (who isn't already Eagle), so the troop won't be doing this since the rest of the boys get it in school.
  4. Thank you so much! What great resources. I actually showed it to him tonight after I had time to sit down and look at it and he got really excited. I think we'll go for it!
  5. Lori, Can I ask your opinion on using this for a 7th grader? He'd be turning 13 a couple months into the school year and he's been reading Tolkien for four years already. Recently, all he's been reading is a dozen or so Tolkien books in rotation. This past year, he's become really lazy with his school work, rushing through to get done so he can move on to what he wants to do. This intrigues me as a "hook" to at least get him interested in this subject.
  6. Thanks so much! Although I have a couple of history degrees, this is not my area of expertise, but I knew where to turn to for help! I'm excited that he's interested at all since he's never shown the slightest interest in history. But he really wanted more than the very cursory pass-through that he got.
  7. He's a very advanced reader, definitely liberal leaning, not sensitive. I don't know *how* in-depth he's interested in going at the moment, so I figured I'd look for good overviews and then further resources as he's interested. Thank you! These look great. I ordered Born in Blood and Fire last night, so glad to hear a recommendation for that.
  8. My advanced reader 12yo would like to read a history specifically dedicated to Latin America. Does anyone here have a resource they'd recommend?
  9. Oh my goodness. How horribly awful. I can't imagine what she and the children must be going through.
  10. So, you contacted Speed Queen and not the retailer?
  11. If you have a Speed Queen dryer, what does the vent opening on the inside back look like? We got one last month and I'm noticing small black marks on some of the laundry. Looking around in there, the only thing I can imagine is that the metal back there is black looking and I don't recall it being like that when we bought. It doesn't come off when I touch it, but it's not hot right now and maybe that makes a difference. Here it is: And here is what I'm finding on my laundry: Does your dryer look like that? Anything else it could be? Should I contact the store? ETA so far I
  12. I also assumed Yogi Berra was dead before today. That "boo boo" article is hilarious or I'm giddy from lack of sleep.
  13. I'm not a celebrity poster, but I went through and deleted all pictures in my posts that I didn't take myself and those I had quoted. And deleted the photobucket pictures for those that I couldn't delete in threads.
  14. 1. I apologize for misspelling as I pointed out a misspelling. However, I am writing on a message board, not in a published book used for educating children. 2. Sequeira was not anywhere near being the first European explorer to Africa. My assumption is that they meant he was the first in Benin (which may be true, I don't know anything about Benin's history) and the sentence is just garbled, but to claim he was the first in Africa would just be false. I was using it as an example of how poor writing/editing change the meaning of a sentence and I stand by the fact that it does. 3. I sta
  15. Thank you. I'm looking for both this time through (grammar stage) and looking ahead to next time through (logic stage). I figured that Hakim would be for next time if I like it, but I'm not sure yet since my son devours history books. Thank you, the USKids books look interesting and I'll put them on my list of supplements to look at. Right now, though, I'm trying to evaluate "spine" material.
  16. Ugh! I didn't expect this to be so hard! We use LOTS of books, so it's easier to spot huge biases/inaccuracies, but I'd love to find a "spine" that I'm mostly comfortable with, you know? I have placed a hold on a couple of volumes of "History of Us" and bought the Maestro books to look at (though they only go through 1815 I believe). I'd like to get my hands on K12's "American Odyssey." Most everything else I've seen mentioned here for American history, I have big issues with, though I am intrigued by a set for adult ESL learners at about a fifth grade level that Mandy in TN mentioned on this
  17. First, I apologize for resurrecting a really old thread, but this had some great information on it, so I decided to post here instead of starting a new thread. After reading about these on here, I decided to check out a couple from my library. I chose "Clash of Cultures: Prehistory-1638" and "Slavery and the Coming of the Civil War: 1831-1861." I came away from them with the same feeling of uneasiness as others mentioned here. I am going to try not to repeat what others have said in this thread, adding my thoughts that haven't already been mentioned. I was very disappointed with how
  18. Is the old Sale board going to go away? I can view it and it looks like others are posting on it, but it says I can't post on it.
  19. IBR plan after SSL is Getting Started with Latin and then Lively Latin. :iagree:
  20. First, I don't understand a first time poster here who resurrects a three year old thread and with spelling, grammar, and punctuation so poor it makes my head hurt trying to follow it. Second, I can't put much stock into anyone that can possibly bend the label "educational" to include Spongebob.
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